Corrupt Mexican Government Loves American Stupidity

After watching 15 minutes of weepy T.V. testimony, by delusional liberals, at the Senate Judiciary Committee Immigration Reform hearings held today, I wondered just how hard Mexico must be laughing at the U.S. Government and Taxpayer. After all, U.S. toleration of illegal aliens coming to and living in America has been a boon to the corrupt state of Mexico and the Drug Cartels that are now in power. When will Americans come to realize that our southern neighbor has been playing our government and taxpayer for decades and they are not our economic allies, they are political parasites?

The global narcotics trade represents a $10 trillion dollar industry. Hundreds of billions of dollars of narcotics find their way into the United States through Mexico every year. Federal officials confirm that between 80-90% of the illegal narcotics entering the U.S. come through Mexico. U.S. drug interdiction efforts are only able to stop somewhere between 15-20% of the smugglers from entering the U.S. with their drug shipments. One official once likened it to trying to stop a swarm of locusts.

Although not openly advertised—by either Republicans or Democrats—it is common knowledge in law enforcement circles that a high percentage of these narcotics are transported over the U.S. border on the backs of Mexican citizens who act as couriers for Mexican Drug cartels. So much for the lie our politicians and liberal media are promoting praising illegal aliens coming to America as law abiding and respectful immigrants seeking freedom, liberty and a better life. The truth—that both U.S. and Mexican politicians don’t want Americans to know—is that most people coming to our nation through the southern border come with the specific intention of committing serious crimes and many have no intention of stopping until they are caught.

For generations, the drug corridor that is the Country of Mexico always has been dependent on the income derived from Mexican drug smuggling/trafficking. From the late 1970’s through the year 2000, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) then the government of Mexico was controlled by the corrupt death grip of powerful Mexican Drug Cartels who controlled the flow of illegal drugs through Mexico to the United States. Now in 2013, after a 12 year political hiatus, the Mexican drug cartels are again in control of our southern neighbor after successfully regaining a majority in the Mexican Congress and winning the Presidency.

Now in America, after over twenty years of tolerated illegal immigration and drug traffic growth, Democrats and Republicans are currently scrambling to paint a flattering and flowery picture of our immigration mess and calls for immigration reform. Hispanic politicians and academics—some whose parents and came to this country illegally—are providing carefully scripted Senate committee testimony designed to sell the “it’s not their fault they had to break the law to come to this great nation” narrative. “Immigrants are the backbone of our nation” proclaimed Julian Castro, 38 year old liberal Mayor of Austin, Texas.

Funny, I don’t remember my grandfather smuggling dope into America and stealing an American citizen’s job and tax money to pay for his kids. No, he just fought in World War I, was wounded multiple times doing his duty and never took a nickel of money he didn’t earn to support his family. Today, Mexico and the citizens their drug cartels sent here— to build a drug distribution infrastructure, free of charge and to some extent with U.S. taxpayer money (U.S. foreign aid and drug interdiction aid)—must be belly laughing at the United States. I know our government is claiming that we are missing out on global entrepreneurial talent, but do we have to start with criminal entrepreneurial talent first? Since the George H.W. Bush Presidency the Mexican drug cartels have been increasing their human assets in America. And now the American government is going to give them all college educations, citizenship and voting rights. It’s like a cartels dream come true.

As a matter a fact, Mexico’s new President Enrique Pena Nieto—of the drug cartel loyal PRI— is “vowing to eventually withdraw the Mexican Army from Mexico’s drug fight”. It seems he feels that the “military is unfit for police work” and has contributed to the unnecessary escalation of violence and murders. Apparently, President Pena Nieto, no longer considers stopping the Mexican cartel drug shipments a high priority, only the drug cartel deaths that occur when stopping those shipments.

In other words, the secure—but not 100% secure—U.S./Mexican border just became more porous and since the Mexican military will no longer be guarding their side, expect Mexican murders to drop and American border state murders to increase. Meanwhile our Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer of N.Y. —even though there are thousands of Holder DOJ assault weapons loose in Mexico and close to 50k in drug cartel border murders on record—doesn’t want you to be allowed to carry guns with magazine capacities over 10 rounds if you live in the United States. Apparently, Mr. Schumer has never been to West Texas.

Democrats do not want to secure our southern border and they want Americans to believe that illegal immigrants just want to be law abiding citizens. They think that’s good enough for America and they want you to believe them. Heck if Obama, Janet Napolitano and the Mexican drug cartels believe it, that should be enough for stupid Americans, don’t you think?