Corrupt And Predatory Government Recently Granted Unlawful Search And Seizure

Embattled IRS storm trooper Lois Lerner exercises her constitutional right to avoid self incrimination, gets suspended with full pay, but you and I will have our DNA taken and recorded if police—kind of sort of—think we may have committed a possible serious crime. Constitutional privacy rights are gone. Unreasonable search and seizure protections are now extinct for Americans subjects.

In case you missed it, the Supreme Court just ruled that it is now constitutional for your local constable to force you to give a DNA sample if he thinks you may have been involved in the commission of an alleged serious crime. Justice Kennedy and four other United States Supreme Court justices now believe that government DNA gathering is a necessary part of our “innocent and until proven guilty” criminal justice booking and arraignment process.

As of yesterday, you and I, and future generations of Americans will be strapped down and swabbed, at the whim of some rookie cop, before ever getting to speak with counsel or exercise any right to what once was American due process. Miranda and unreasonable search and seizure protections will no longer apply in America. Overzealous law enforcement is now the new norm in the United Police States of America.

Our government at an all time high is violating oaths of Office. I could easily fill this page with names of every individual running our government (Republican and Democrat) involved in an alleged prosecutable crime. Yet these reasonably suspected criminal acts, serious federal felonies, somehow, do not require the alleged perpetrator to surrender a DNA sample to the CODIS database. Just us.

For too long and for too many Americans surrender of protected liberties and freedoms have become reasonable compromises. Today’s younger generations made comfortable with wearing micro chipped identification cards all to protect a government-manufactured illusions of safety. Biometric identification and record keeping has crept its way into reality and much of our society is blindly supporting it.

I am all for catching the bad guys. Actually, I would like to see law enforcement in the business of preventing crime instead of showing up late and putting on their CSI gear. I am concerned with trusting a reckless and predatory government with arbitrarily seizing and holding an innocent Americans DNA in good faith. After all, the Obama administration or the Federal government for that matter is hardly a model of trustworthy behavior. The threat of arrest and prosecution by our government on some contrived charge is a very real fear in America today.  Just ask the man they recently falsely arrested, held and charged with sending Ricin to Washington. Do not assume it will never happen to you.

High-ranking partisan federal officials—have publicly characterized all Christians, conservatives, veterans and vocal adversaries of the radical agenda re-shaping our nation—as dangerous and requiring surveillance. All of us, as well as our families and friends.

Today in America, we have no fly lists, terrorist watch lists, unconstitutional detainment practices, facial recognition surveillance, tapping, taping, data mining and data basing of every move we Americans make all courtesy of some bureaucrat promising a safer society. A safer society that now asks its communities to be there eyes and ears. To report anything suspicious.

Imagine a neighbor with a grudge over some ideological dispute phoning authorities and reporting you (or worse your child) for making a perceived threat against a public official or government agency. You will now find yourself booked and forced to give a DNA sample to a national criminal database before the criminal justice system weighs your presumption of innocence. The Supreme Court has just sanctioned it.

DNA evidence is easily planted and difficult to dispute. Comparative DNA analysis results are not completely trustworthy. Many guilty people slip through DNA lab analysis. Some innocent people have been trapped in the criminal justice system for years by outdated DNA analysis and poorly staffed government labs. Chain of custody is the weakest link in the DNA process. Are we now to believe that an untrustworthy government will have the best interests of the accused on their partisan radar when they are now officially the judge, jury and executioner?

It appears the last firewall in the American governing process once again failed our citizens. If the Supreme Court or any government entity wants a DNA sample from me, I will be happy to leave a voluntary specimen for analysis on the steps of the US Supreme Court.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Judge Scalia for standing up for freedom and liberty. I think Scalia would make a heck of a Presidential Candidate. At least he would be true to his oath.