Cops Steal Man’s Property, Freeze Bank Accounts, But No Criminal Charges Filed

Cops steal from man rather than try to arrest him.

A Michigan man came home one September day to find police surrounding his property. They had a warrant to search his place. They took a power generator and some very expensive tools, and when they found his bank account information, they were giddy with excitement. They froze his bank account, which meant he couldn’t pay his bills or his taxes, much of which funds these state drug task forces.

But above all, after all they took from him, they never charged him with a crime. Isn’t there something in the Constitution about depriving a citizen of his property only with due process? He was never told what his crime supposedly was. They just came armed with a warrant and took whatever they wanted with very little explanation.

Apparently, in addition to this man Wladyslaw Kowalski being a PhD. design engineer, he also is a legal medical marijuana grower and user. Michigan Capitol Confidential reported:

He had been using medical marijuana after surgery in 2003 for a torn mitral valve. His heart medication caused insomnia and marijuana helps him sleep. But he has no use for the drug recreationally.

“I never really liked it,” Kowalski said. “It made me foggy headed. I’m focused on research, science, books, writing. I didn’t find it conducive to that lifestyle.”

After Michigan passed the medical marijuana law, he applied for a card.

“The parameters seemed very simple: I could grow 12 plants and carry 2.5 ounces,” he said.

Kowalski wanted to grow his plants outdoors because it was less expensive and caused fewer mold problems. He checked with the local sheriff and built a five-foot, barbed wire fence around the garden. Soon after, he agreed to be a licensed caregiver to four other patients. Under the law, he was permitted to grow 12 plants for each person.

So, a state police helicopter spotted his plants outdoors, and that’s what prompted the raid. Never mind the fact that Kowalski was careful to follow the law and made sure he had the approval of his local sheriff.

Kowalski wasn’t breaking any state law. That’s not what this was about. This was about civil asset forfeiture, which is nothing more than legalized theft. If the state has “suspicions” about someone being involved in criminal activity, that’s all they need to raid your place, take whatever they want, freeze your bank accounts and not even say a word to you. They don’t even arrest you. They just want your things so they can sell it off and hopefully take some of your money as well.

According to the Michigan Capitol Confidential, Michigan raked in over $20 million just last year in civil forfeiture cases, and over $250 million since 2000. The whole drug war provides the excuse needed to raid law-abiding citizens’ property and take what they want, all the while claiming they’re seizing “drug money,” and they’re keeping everyone safe from the “drug dealers.” If Kowalski really was a criminal, they’d have arrested him and locked him up. They just wanted money.