Cops Say You’re On Your Own for First Half Hour or So After Calling 9-1-1

Have you ever asked your local police department how long it would take them to respond to a call for help at your house that someone is breaking in?  Have you ever asked them what you’re supposed to do between the time you call for help and the time they arrive?

Investigators from Project Veritas visited a number of police stations and asked the same questions.  To begin with, the response time varied from a couple minutes to over an hour if at all.  In many cases, the response time for a home intrusion can run half an hour.  For a sexual assault it can run up to 50-60 minutes.  If police are tied up with other calls, it can take much longer.

This may be disheartening to some, but it’s no surprise to me.  In some areas, I’ve known police response time to be longer than the county coroner, which in a few instances was necessary.

So what do some police departments say you should do when someone is trying to kick in your door before they can arrive on the scene?

  • “Lock yourself in a bedroom, start yelling and screaming.” – from Jersey City, N.J.

  • “Some people have dogs.”– from Yonkers, N.Y.

  • “Go get some bleach. Go get ammonia.” – from East Orange, N.J.

  • “It’s 2013. It’s the United States of America. You lock your doors and you hope nothing happens.” – from New York

Others suggested leaving the house, calling for help and running away.

The investigator asked one police department about following Vice President Joe Biden’s advice and buying shotgun.  He was told:

“A rifle and shotgun is actually for luxury.” – Kew Gardens, N.Y.

Another police department told the investigator that following Biden’s advice will get you arrested for menacing.

A couple of the police departments mentioned the possibility of getting a gun permit, but that would take 3-12 months in those states, and that’s just the permit that allows you to purchase the gun.  If that’s what it takes to get a gun legally in your area, then I would advise doing so as soon as possible.

You can’t count on the police and in reality, it’s not their duty to protect you in the first place.  As far as I know, there’s only one means of taking care of business when you’re on your own against an intruder and attacker: shoot them.  Many states have the Castle Doctrine that allows a homeowner to use deadly force when necessary against anyone that breaks into their home and threatens them.  The more intruders and rapists that are shot and killed, the more others may start to think twice before committing the same crimes.