Cop Threatens To Ticket Man For Washing His Car In His Own Driveway

A Long Island, New York man had apparently just bought a car from Connecticut. It’s a 1997 Volkswagen, and he was washing it in his own driveway in Garden City.

A cop pulled up (and even called for backup) and told him that he got a call from one of the man’s neighbors and that what he was doing was illegal:

 “What is that? Doing any kind of work here or any kind of detailing, like washing the car — things like that you are not allowed to do.”

According to an ordinance in that particular city, it’s illegal to wash one’s car on the street. But this man was on his own driveway. The cop argued that even though it’s on a private driveway, it’s in public view, so it’s illegal. And he threatened to ticket the man if he dared continue to wash his car.

You can watch the video of the encounter here:

The encounter was started by some nosy tattletale of a neighbor. I can’t even imagine such a complaint being made in my neighborhood. Then again, I don’t live in New York.

Who comes up with these stupid laws? And why do police feel obligated to follow through and enforce such ridiculous ordinances just because some neighbor makes a complaint? Don’t they have more pressing matters to attend to?