Cop Tases Father For Trying to Save His 3-Year-Old Child From Their Burning House

There’s a reason people are wary of calling the police in an emergency situation. Many times, the police show up and make matters worse.

Like in Austin, Minnesota when Dustin Sheeley called 911 because his brother Scott was having a seizure. The paramedics arrived along with the Austin Police. In the middle of Scott’s seizure, he was restrained and handcuffed. When he “refused” to be still, a police officer decided to shoot the man with his taser gun at least four times, in spite of Dustin yelling at them that his brother was in the middle of a seizure. The paramedics administered two drugs to Scott:  Haloperidol and Lorazepam. Finally, he calmed down, but only because he experienced respiratory arrest and then had a heart attack. For the next 11 minutes, the paramedics tried reviving him until eventually he had a pulse again.

Or this case in Louisiana, Missouri where the Miller’s house caught on fire. The parents had fallen asleep in the living room, and their 3-year-old son was asleep in his bedroom. The parents awoke to the smell of smoke. According to KHQA:

The parents were able to reach a rear door in the room and exit the building after the smoke woke them from their sleep. They called 911, [City Administrator Bob] Jenne said.

The Millers ran around to the front of the building and Ryan Miller kicked in the front door as police and firefighters arrived.

Ryan Miller tried to enter the home to get his stepson. Police restrained him and the officer stunned him with a Taser, according to Jenne.

He was trying to retrieve his son from the burning house. The police claim they were only trying to protect the dad, since the fire was so hot, even the firefighters didn’t want to risk it. So, instead of trying to save the small child, everyone just watched the whole thing burn up, and they tased the dad three times for trying to save his own son.

You can guess what happened to their little son Riley. After the fire had destroyed their house, they found Riley dead “near the doorway to the bedroom from the front living room,” according to KHQA.