Cop Tasers Student, Putting Him in Coma for 52 Days; Cop Get Away With It

All cops have to do is claim they felt their lives were threatened, or that they were concerned for the safety of others, and they’ll get away with murder. Sometimes, quite literally. In this particular case, a cop put a kid in a coma for trying to break up a fight on campus. And now the student is suffering from permanent brain damage. The cops claimed the student was “acting aggressively,” but surveillance footage shows no evidence of the student acting aggressively toward the police. Police were called to the scene to break up a fight between two girls. Robby Soave with the Daily Caller recounted what happened:

The incident occurred last fall inside Cedar Creek High School in Bastrop, Texas. Deputies arrived on scene to break up a fight between two female students. De Rivera was the first to take action, however, and pulled one of the girls away from the other. For some reason, this prompted one of the deputies, Randy McMillan, to taser him. The 17-year-old slumped to the ground, hitting his head on the hard floor.

De Rivera’s injuries were serious. He spent 52 days in a coma, and is now receiving care in a rehabilitation center. He suffers from lasting brain damage.

The officers maintained that their actions were necessary because de Rivera acted “aggressively.”

Remember the recent case of that teacher in Detroit who tried breaking up a fight in her classroom by striking one of the brawling students with a broomstick? Not only did she get fired, but she also faces child abuse charges. In the cellphone video that a fellow student recorded of the fight, the broomstick seemed to have zero effect on the student. He just kept fighting. But a cop can put an innocent bystander, who was only trying to break up a fight,in a 52-day coma, complete with brain damage, and the authorities seem to think that he deserved it. The family’s lawsuit against the police officers was brought before a grand jury, which refused to indict the police officers, according to KVUE:

A Bastrop County Grand Jury has declined to issue any indictments in a case in which a deputy sheriff used a Taser on a 17-year-old high school student, leaving him with permanent brain injuries.

Deputy Randy McMillan will face no state criminal charges for his actions, nor will Deputy Timothy Stalcup, who was also at the scene.

The grand jury also declined to indict Noe Niño de Rivera, who authorities had said was acting aggressively toward deputies.

At the very least, the officer who fired the taser should be personally responsible for all of Rivera’s medical care pertaining to the injuries he sustained when he was unjustifiably tasered.