Cop Says They Need MRAP to Deal with “Constitutionalists?”

But why DO the Spokane Sheriffs need an MRAP?

A Sheriff’s deputy in Spokane, Washington was being interviewed by someone regarding the department’s possession of an MRAP. The woman interviewing him asked if the MRAP isn’t something that’s more appropriate for dealing with terrorists overseas, instead of being used here in America. The deputy responded that they’ve got people here locally who stockpile guns and ammo, and they’ve also got Constitutionalists, all of whom pose a threat to the safety of civilians. So, that’s why they need the MRAP.

It garnered enough traffic and public outrage on Infowars’ website that the Sheriff himself had to respond to the video, which he tried to explain was taken out of context:

I thought the deputy in the first video was very nice to the interviewer and answered her questions plainly. But you know, that’s kind of why this is so concerning to a lot of people. He mentioned “Constitutionalists” by name very matter-of-factly as if it’s common knowledge that we’ve all got to look out for those “Constitutionalists.” I’m sure he’d say that they’re potential domestic terrorists, because that’s what he’s been taught. It’s just how he’s been trained.

It reminds me of a document that was leaked several years ago that originated with the Missouri Information Analysis Center, a fusion center under DHS. The document was a training manual of sorts and instructed law enforcement to watch out for those who support third party candidates, those with Ron Paul bumper stickers, those with Gadsden flags, gun owners, abortion opponents, high-tax opponents, advocates of sound money and small government, Constitutionalists, etc. The document was very specific. That’s the kind of stuff police departments are getting fed these days. We’re the enemy.

As long as you support one of the two major parties, and you’re fine with heavy taxation, you’re fine with abortion, you like bigger and stronger government, than you’re one of the good guys. The police have to protect the good guys from us, the bad guys. The Constitutionalists.

Here’s Rush Limbaugh ranting about the Missouri Information Analysis Center document back in 2009: