Cop Runs Stop Sign, Causes Accident; Arrests Victim for DUI

A New York Police Department SUV carrying 5 cops ran a stop sign and t-boned another driver. Probably in an attempt to cover up the accident that they most assuredly caused, the police started questioning the guy they hit about how much he had had to drink that evening. The man responded that all he had was a non-alcoholic soft drink. He consented to a test, which yielded a result of 0% blood alcohol level and no trace of drugs.

Regardless, they still arrested him and charged him with DUI, since, according to the police report, he displayed signs showing that he could have been intoxicated. They reported seeing watery, blood-shot eyes, hearing slurred speech and smelling alcohol on the driver.

The driver, identified as Oliver Wiggins from Brooklyn, secured an attorney who has requested an investigation into this false arrest that happened back in April. Just last week, the prosecutor had moved to dismiss the charges, since the test showed that he had no alcohol or drugs in his system. That’s very nice of the prosecutor, but this was obviously a case where the police had caused an accident by not following simple traffic laws that they enforce on everyone else, and then attempted to cover it up by fabricating DUI charges against the man they hit. The New York Daily News reported:

“We believe this arrest was improper and solely motivated to cover up the actions of the police officers in failing to yield at a stop sign,” said [Wiggins’] lawyer Scott Rynecki.

Wiggins, 31, was driving on Glenwood Road about 1:30 a.m. when his Nissan Maxima was T-boned by a Police Department Ford SUV occupied by five cops at E. 43rd St. in East Flatbush. The SUV was pulling out of a dead-end street without flashing lights or a siren, according to Wiggins’ lawyer.

The accident report notes that there is no traffic control device at the location, but there actually is a stop sign for vehicles traveling on E. 43rd St.

Wiggins said the cops asked him if he had been drinking and he replied that earlier in the evening he had consumed a Malta — a nonalcoholic soft drink.

“Responding officers observed signs which indicate (Wiggins) may be intoxicated,” the accident report states.

Those signs, according to the criminal complaint, were red, watery eyes, slurred speech and the odor of an alcoholic beverage.

Another police report prepared by an officer from the NYPD highway division stated that Wiggins “does not have an odor of alcoholic beverage on him,” but did note bloodshot, watery eyes. The highway cop did not administer coordination tests to Wiggins although the arresting officer claimed that he observed the driver “swaying.”


A police source said the cop driver was reprimanded for “failing to clear the intersection.”


“I have never been in handcuffs in my life,” said Wiggins, whose father was a cop in Jamaica.

“I’ve lost my trust in police. It’s scary they can frame an innocent person.

All those cops involved need more than a simple reprimand. The cop SUV driver caused the accident. The others were complicit in covering up the driver’s responsibility, and then they were all complicit in filing false reports and arresting an innocent man. The least that should happen is that they all lose their jobs immediately.