Cop Praises Driver for Carrying Concealed Firearm

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Maybe it happens a lot, but we just don’t hear about it.

An Ohio man was pulled over for going 15 over the speed limit. When the cop approached the driver side window, the driver advised the cop that he was carrying a concealed firearm.

Now, what usually happens at this point is that the cop goes into full paranoid, grabs his own gun and orders the driver to put his hands up (probably yelling by now) and exit the vehicle slowly, while keeping his hands up and in full view. Then the cop would put the driver against the car, frisk him, locate the gun and retrieve it. He’d remove any rounds in the chamber and take out the magazine. Then, he’d question the guy as to why he has a gun, if he’s been drinking, if he’s ever done drugs or sold them, if he’d consent to a full search of his car, etc.

But that’s not what happened this time. And I want to believe that this happens a lot more than we hear about.

So, when the guy got pulled over for speeding, he started recording, just in case. Here’s what was captured:

And even though he was driving 15 over, the cop let him go with a warning. Now, even if he had given him a ticket, I’d still like the cop because of his comments and for his calm demeanor. The fact that a cop would encourage a citizen to own firearms speaks volumes, especially considering that the reason the cop gives to own firearms is the rising violence in that area. Instead of insinuating that if you have a gun, then you must be a criminal, he suggests that if you want to be safe in an area with a rising crime rate, the best thing you can do is arm yourself. I guarantee if we had more cops like this, there would be no “war on police.”