Cop Pleasantly Surprises Group of Open Gun Carriers

Wouldn’t it be great if every cop were like this one? This is the way these encounters are supposed to go.

As we all know, the 2nd Amendment is legal, and that includes open carrying firearms. Just because a few people feel uncomfortable around them doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be allowed to carry their guns out in public.

In Texas, you’re allowed to open carry long guns, but you’re not allowed to open carry a handgun. So, if you want to carry out in the open, it has to be some kind of rifle.

Because of fear and brainwashing campaigns led by shock-and-awe media and power hungry politicians, people are more afraid of the longer guns than they are the handguns.

In many states, it’s not uncommon to see a group of people open-carrying their weapons to sort of “raise awareness” of the 2nd Amendment. But that scares some people, and those people call the police and complain about “suspicious” people carrying “assault” weapons. At that point, the group of gun-carriers is at the mercy of the police officer that shows up to the scene. Unfortunately, most of the time, what ensues isn’t pretty. People get arrested, beaten and taken to jail for exercising their duties acknowledged in the 2nd Amendment.

Every now and then, there is a cop full of common sense and self-control who gets called to the scene. Those are the ones that we relish. Here’s an Austin PD officer checking out the scene outside a Subway of two “suspicious” white males carrying guns:


As you can tell, there’s nothing extraordinary that occurs. Just another day in America. And that’s exactly how these scenarios should unfold. Completely uneventful. And notice the cop notifies the group that he’ll let the “alarmed” caller know that there is no problem. Usually, the police feel justified in at least disbanding such a group and maybe making arrests just because the person who called in was scared. If there is no law being broken, then leave the group alone.