Cop Finally Pays For Illegal Anal Cavity Searches

There seems to be a growing trend in American law enforcement where cops feel very much at liberty to violate people’s dignity in the most horrendous ways. Part of me wonders if this is nothing more than media capitalizing off of these horrific stories to make it seem like it’s a growing trend, when in reality, it’s been like this for a long time. Kind of like how they sensationalize murders and mass shootings to make it seem like they’re on the rise. The reality is that those incidents are on the decline, and the media are just trying to shock their audience to get more viewers.

Whatever the case, these cop stories involving illegal, extensive and incredibly invasive cavity searches are happening. Even though they had been going on for years, the big news started with David Eckert. Then there was Timothy Young. A few other people, some of whom wish to remain anonymous, came forward with similar stories.

There’s a case in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where a number of these types of victims pressed charges against several cops for their illegal cavity searches. Apparently in Wisconsin, police are not permitted to perform these sorts of searches. Only medical professionals are allowed, and only if they have a warrant to do so.

So, not even considering the 4th Amendment, it’s against state law to do what these Milwaukee cops were doing. The Daily Caller reported:

The end of 2013 brought a measure of closure to a long-running Milwaukee police scandal, though some say the officer — and his cohorts — who repeatedly and illegally shoved his fingers up black male suspects’ anal cavities got off with a light sentence considering the flagrant nature of his abuses.

The ringleader was identified as officer Michael Vagnini, a white man who routinely targeted black males as young as fifteen for sadistic — and blatantly illegal — anal searches.

One victim said that another officer put a gun to his head while Vagnini administered a choke hold, touched his scrotum and fingered his anus. Another man was probed so violently that he bled…

The Journal Sentinel documented at least a dozen similar instances of Vagnini performing invasive, illegal searches on black men. According to his reports, some of the victims were indeed carrying drugs, though they contend that the officer lied about the details and even planted drugs inside their bodies.

One man, Keon Canada, was searched by Milwaukee police on four separate occasions. They searched his buttcheeks and opened the front of his pants. No drugs were found during any of the searches.

Vagnini rarely used gloves when he probed their anuses, the victims contend. He also stole personal items and laughed when asked to present a warrant.

And for all that, the cop got two years in jail. He had entered a plea deal where he pled guilty to four felony charges and four misdemeanor charges, and the sexual assault charge was removed. I guess this is the closest thing we’ll get to “justice” for these perverted cops.