Cop Causes Pregnant Woman to Miscarry for her “Tone of Voice”

I know there’s a “war on police,” and that the poor police are always so mistreated and victimized by terroristic civilians who only harp on the very few “bad apples,” but I think saying that there are only a miniscule minority of “bad apple” cops is a slight understatement. More than likely, there is a miniscule minority of “good apple” cops. And I know that’s very politically incorrect, but sometimes the truth hurts.

Sort of like how this Albany, Georgia cop hurt a pregnant woman to the point that she miscarried her baby. To the “pro-choice” crowd out there, the cop did quite a service to the pregnant woman who was only carrying a parasite, a mass of tissue, a useless eater, a mouth-breather, a global warming contributor. But to normal human beings, she was carrying a baby. Courthouse News Service reported:

A police officer’s use of excessive force against a pregnant woman caused her to have a miscarriage, she claims in Federal Court.

Kenya Harris sued the City of Albany, Ga., police chief John Proctor and officers Ryan Jenkins and Richard Brown, Jr. for excessive force, assault and battery and infliction of emotional distress.

Harris says she was called to the Albany Police Department in May 2011 after her minor son was arrested. After waiting five hours, she told Jenkins that she had other children at home and needed to leave but Jenkins responded with hostility, according to the complaint.

“Defendant Officer Jenkins stated that he did not appreciate the tone in which she was communicating with him, and further stated that if she continued he would take her head and ‘put it to the floor,'” the complaint states.    

Harris says when she again tried to explain that she needed to leave, Jenkins followed through on his threat.

“Defendant Officer Jenkins, without provocation, grabbed plaintiff, who weighs less than one hundred twenty (120) pounds, by her neck and slammed her to the ground. Plaintiff momentarily blacked out and came to with defendant Officer Jenkins sitting on her back, and with his knee on her arm. Plaintiff was pregnant at the time,” the complaint states. “Defendant Officer Jenkins put handcuffs on plaintiff and slammed her against the wall. Plaintiff was placed into an interrogation room after she was beaten and handcuffed.”

Harris’ request for medical attention was denied and she was taken to Dougherty County Jail for the night on a charge of obstruction, according to the complaint. She says her subsequent miscarriage was a result of Jenkins’ excessive force.

“With malice, defendants Officer Jenkins and with the compliance of Officer Brown, repeatedly slammed Ms. Harris, causing her severe physical harm and the loss of her baby, when less force was required and should have been used,” the lawsuit states.

The alleged victim says she also suffered a knee contusion, neck spasms, muscle pain and bruising from the incident.    

Harris seeks $50,000 and punitive damages.

The Bible has something to say about this very situation. Here’s Exodus 21:22, 23:

Also if men strive and hurt a woman with child, so that her child depart from her and death follow not, he shall be surely punished, according as the woman’s husband shall appoint him, or he shall pay as the Judges determine. But if death follow, then thou shalt pay life for life.

If the cop gets away with it, it will certainly be a miscarriage of justice.