Cop Car Slams Into Man’s Parked Car; Man Jailed for “Damaging City Property”

Yeah, you read that correctly. You’ve got to have quite a bit of hubris to try to pull off something like this.

Some guy in New York named Robert Jackson was parked legally on the side of a one-way street outside his apartment. A cop car comes, going the wrong way on the one-way street, and he hits the guy’s SUV. Actually, it was his girlfriend’s SUV, and he was in the passenger seat waiting for his girlfriend.

Jackson gets out of his car and confronts the cop who hit his girlfriend’s car. Obviously, he wants to know how the police are going to reimburse his girlfriend for the damages they caused. The cops tell him that he was the one that hit them. And the cops arrest Jackson for “damaging city property,” “disorderly conduct,” and “resisting arrest.”

To try to cover their tracks even more, the police made sure there weren’t any surveillance cameras watching. When they thought they were covered, they went ahead with the arrest.

But there was one surveillance camera mounted on one of Jackson’s neighbor’s house that I guess they didn’t spot, and the video from it corroborates Jackson’s story. If it hadn’t been for that one surveillance camera, the police would have gotten away with it.

They eventually dropped the charges, but the cops weren’t going to let him off that easy. Apparently, Jackson had a suspended license, and so they officially charged him with “unlawful operation of a motor vehicle.” They’re grasping at straws though. If you remember at the beginning of the story, he wasn’t operating the vehicle. It was his girlfriend’s SUV. And he was in the passenger seat. That’s the best they could’ve done, and they can’t even get him on that. With good reason, Jackson’s filed a criminal complaint against the city police department and against the two cops who arrested him.

It’s painfully obvious that the police just didn’t want to have to report to their superiors that they were driving the wrong way on a one-way street and as a result, hit some guy’s car. I agree, that would have been pretty embarrassing to report and then have to pay for the damages. But I think what they’re doing now in trying to cover up the entire thing is turning out to be a lot more humiliating.