Cop “Accidentally” Decapitates Army Veteran, Flees the Scene

A Tampa, Florida cop was apparently on his way to a robbery scene while driving an unmarked car, and he ran over a man, decapitating him. The cop didn’t stop to render any aid to the man. He just kept on driving as if nothing happened.

60-year-old William Dale McIntire, an Army veteran, had just left a bar when he got hit by the cop. Fellow bar patrons told authorities that McIntire was of sober mind, and he could walk just fine.

After he was hit and killed, police notified McIntire’s son Bradley that someone had killed his dad in a hit and run incident. At that point, police were unaware that it was a cop who had hit him.

Police eventually let Bradley know that it was a cop who had killed his dad, but that it was an accident. They said that the cop probably didn’t even know he had hit anything. The Tampa Bay Times reported:

Bradley McIntire, 30, said three officers woke him at 3 a.m. June 29 to tell him his father had been killed in a hit-and-run accident.

But it wasn’t until Tuesday that he learned an officer was behind the wheel, he said.

Detectives investigating the case told McIntire that the officer was heading to a robbery call and did not realize he had hit anyone.

“There is still definitely some questions I have to answer,” McIntire said. “I want to make sure I’m getting accurate information. I want to make sure nothing is being left out.”

McIntire said his father had just left a nearby bar when he was hit. He said bar patrons who were there told him his father was walking upright and appeared fine.

“I can’t help but wonder if everything I’m being told is the complete truth,” he said. “The cops are trying to tell me it was an honest mistake. I drive past the scene every day. When I see it, I see nothing but lights.”

McIntire described his father as a hard-working Army veteran, who made his living building fences. He left behind a wife, three sons, a daughter, and two grandchildren.

“If it was me, if I hit a cop and took off what would happen to me?” McIntire said. “How different is the justice system going to work for the officer involved than it does for me?”

To answer Bradley’s question about what would have happened if he had killed a cop in a hit and run incident, he would be promptly charged, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to a long prison term, if not the death penalty since it was a cop who was killed. What if it actually was an accident though? It wouldn’t matter. In that case where a cop had been killed by a civilian, evidence of it being an accident would be irrelevant.

Since, in actuality, it was a cop who hit and killed a civilian, it will be slowly investigated, and eventually ruled an accident; an accidental decapitation. While the cop involved waited on a paid vacation.