Convenience Store Clerk Shoots, Kills 2 Armed Robbers

Here’s another story you likely won’t hear about in the national media, mainly because it involves the use of guns in a self-defensive manner to kill a couple of armed crooks. The media have to be careful with which stories they give air time to. They wouldn’t want their viewers to get the wrong idea about guns.

The only stories the national media care about are mass shootings committed by a white guy, or cases where a black guy got beat up or killed by a non-black guy. All other cases are irrelevant and not worth reporting, and they give guns a good name.

In this case, a Houston Super K convenience store was robbed by a three masked men, at least one of whom was armed. When they barged in the store, one of the robbers started shooting immediately at one of the clerks. Another employee was in the back of the store on his dinner break when he saw the commotion unfolding. He promptly grabbed his gun and started shooting back. He was able to shoot two of the guys, who quickly ran out the store and jumped in their getaway car along with the third robber. The driver sped off and then dumped the two injured robbers at a nearby apartment complex parking lot. Those two later died in the hospital from their gunshot wounds.

This same store was robbed just about two weeks ago on July 1. Ever since that robbery that left one clerk severely injured, the other workers decided they’d better start packing heat. And it’s a good thing they did. “Everyone has guns in the store. It’s so dangerous this kind of job,” Alden Tu told ABC13. Those two robbers will likely never bother anyone ever again.

Being a cop is dangerous, but I’d venture to guess that being a convenience store employee is even more dangerous. It’s assumed that cops need to carry for their protection. How much more do store clerks like those at Super K need to carry for their protection and the protection of others?