Contra Clinton: Government Success Is Defeat For Americans

Bill Clinton was out preaching the true faith on TV Sunday and said:

“I’ve never seen a time– can you remember a time in your lifetime when a major political party was just sitting around, begging for America to fail?”

This is how the former President interprets the alleged threat of the Republicans who will allegedly “cause a government shut down.”

First of all, three words: Stop teasing me!

This so called “shutdown” is going to leave intact and functional the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the DEA, the Department of Justice, the FCC, the USDA, etc. The EPA will still be punishing people for producing a natural gas that plants need in order to grow and to produce oxygen for animal life. The government will still be shipping weapons to people in Syria who kill children and eat the hearts of their victims. The Federal Reserve won’t stop buying bonds with money invented by fiat. The TSA will still be groping and scanning people at airports. No one is going to stop mixing the ten percent of ethanol in all the fuel that is available so that we will still go fewer miles than we would if we were allowed to use pure gasoline.

This is not a shut down at all. If anything gets cut, it is only a few things that we are, at the moment, dependent upon because the government took over and pushed those “services.” It is all a big fake.

Even if it was a shut down, it is the President’s fault since the Congress provided for the government to continue. Obama just refuses to do so because he doesn’t like the conditions attached. That is his choice as much as anyone else’s.

But beyond all that, notice how a government shutdown is equated with an American failure.

What is America? I submit that America is her people, her heritage, her culture, and or her values. Whether or not America “fails” if her government shuts down depends entirely on whether or not that government is a protector of America or an exploiter.

How can anyone think that our current government protects America? The government spies on us, shreds our economy, puts us into debts far beyond anything we could ever repay, and confiscates much of our income and other wealth. It gets us into conflicts we don’t need, don’t want, and don’t approve of (Libya and Syria, for two examples). Even stuff that the government does for people that they like is unsustainable (i.e Social Security). And what does that prove? Only that the government engages in bribery to make us compliant.

Think about TARP, when the government-induced financial crisis was about to give Wall Street the crushing it so richly deserved. If any foreign power had threatened martial law and forced the US government to fork over $700 billion to one person in order to keep Wall Street speculators from going bankrupt, it would be considered an act of war. But our own government has done it and expects us to thank them for it.

Governments are supposed to protect society rather than war against it. In the case of this government at this time, the idea that its failure represents American failure is just preposterous. It succeeds by causing us to fail.