Conservatives Too Politically Correct To Address Black Violence

Every conservative news agency (which is to say Fox News and a handful of mainstream conservative websites) is just as guilty of censoring the truth as liberal sources are.

When Bill O’Reilly, for instance, introduced a story on November 8 about flash mobs in Chicago, he said, “In Chicago there are flash mobs of young people breaking into stores.”

Except the security footage was more honest than that. Yes, it showed packs of young people walking into stores and then grabbing whole racks of merchandise, usually clothes, and swiftly wheeling them out the front doors; but every single “young person” was black. Every single one.

Why couldn’t O’Reilly say that “there are flash mobs of young black people breaking into stores”?

A politically correct conservative (or what I like to call a liberal) might say, “What does it matter what color the perpetrators are? The fact is that they committed a crime,” to which I echo the mantra of Steve Sailer: “Because knowledge is better than ignorance.”

Oftentimes the names of stores are reported in incidents of robbery—”A group of young people broke into a Dick’s Sporting Goods”—but one could, just as validly as the previous example’s politically correct question, ask, “Why does it matter what store they broke into? The fact is that they broke into a store, period.” So why mention the name of the store? Because knowledge is better than ignorance.

But most conservatives, who are the liberals of a generation ago, such is the leftward course of society, believe that knowledge is to be avoided.

Race matters because race is a fact, and facts matter. Facts are of utmost value if there’s to be any chance of successfully battling political correctness of any and all kinds.

There’s a “game” that “young people” like to play, aptly dubbed knockout (if you haven’t heard of it, you’re probably safer and happier hiding under that rock). Evidently America’s “young people” are devolving into savages and hardly a soul is willing to dare point out or even notice that all of those “young people” are black, and I mean exclusively black. The victims of the game are almost exclusively white, hence the “game’s” alternative title, polar bear hunting.

CBS News made a video segment to report on this totally savage, primitive, animalistic behavior. posted the video, introducing it with the politically correct title, “The Sick ‘Game’ Thugs Are Violently Playing On Innocent Pedestrians.”

“Thugs”? There are black thugs and there are white thugs, but not a single of the thugs in the videos was white. The problem, then, it can be reasoned, is not thugs in general; the problem is black thugs. Why can’t conservatives, of all people—conservatives, the supposed realists—just say it?

The CBS interviewer, at the end of the segment, asks a middle-aged black man his take on knockout. “What’s the point? I mean, is it just a macho thing?”

“It’s a macho thing,” the black man responds with a nod. But he knows better.

It’s a black thing. And that shouldn’t be wrong to acknowledge.

Leon Trotsky famously said, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” The same could be said of race wars. You may not be interested in race war, but race war is interested in you. Conservatives need to stop ingratiating themselves to the left and face the facts. Race is real, affecting more than one’s physical appearance, and it matters.