Why This Conservative Is Voting Democratic On Tuesday

[The opinions below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone else associated with this blog.]

How can we any longer claim to be proud of our country? Inasmuch as a country is defined by its inhabitants, as I believe is the case, I’ve reached a point where I can say I don’t like America anymore. It is not the country it once was. It has a wonderful landscape, both in the city and in the country, and the desert and mountains and lakes, but what truly affects this country are its people. And while there may be lots of people who are worthy of calling America their home, they don’t vote. Those who do are largely traitors (see the 2008 and 2012 elections). We are complacent. We are weak. We aren’t serious or powerful. We are all feminists now, we are all homosexuals now, we are all deviants in so many different ways. We are murderers; we allow certain demographics of people to keep being violent and we allow abortionists to keep brutalizing babies. I’m not sure it can any longer be said that we’re the lesser of the other 195 evils, the other 195 countries, of the world. Can it truly be? At one point, definitely. But our Constitution is no longer in use, certainly not as it was intended. So we may love the Constitution (or at least most of it; frankly, it could have been better) and we may respect what the Founders originally intended, but it’s not that country anymore. It’s not at all. So how can we who call ourselves conservatives say that we love America? It doesn’t exist anymore.

The American people are not conservative. There was a Gallup poll from a few years ago that said 42 percent of Americans call themselves conservative and only 20 percent call themselves liberal. This ensured that all conservatives seeing the poll remained clueless. They didn’t consider that (1) it was coming from a conservative pollster, and (2) the fact that liberals often do not know they are liberal; indeed, a great many of them call themselves moderates (even conservative), despite being so obviously far from it. And if that doesn’t convince you, just look at who we elect! We elect liberal Democrats and liberal Republicans. There are only a few conservative Republicans that have been elected in recent years, and the most popular Republican presidential candidates are all liberal. America is not a conservative country anymore. America is a liberal country. I hate liberals; I hate America.

It’s true that a lot of voters who voted Democratic in the past few elections were just delusional, that they didn’t fully understand the policies of the people they were voting for (definitely the case in the youth with Obama’s double election). But these people still have a liberal mindset. They believe the government should parent its people rather than just stay out of the people’s way. They say they want to cut spending, but ask them what should be cut, and they say we need all the programs we have in place.

Tomorrow there is an election for Virginia’s governorship. The battle is between hard-leftist Terry McAuliffe and conservative Ken Cuccinelli. McAuliffe sickens me, and I generally like Cuccinelli. However, as I say so often now, I want Americans to feel the pain that they chose to foist upon themselves and the rest of us in electing almost exclusively liberals, so I will be obliging them their sado-masochism; I will be voting tomorrow for Terry McAuliffe. Conservatives often say that it takes a Carter to get a Reagan, but they’re always fighting the election of Carters. How do they expect to get Reagans if no one is allowed to fully experience the need for one? The election of Barack Obama to the presidency woke so many people up. At the height of the Tea Party’s influence, seven percent of it was made up of Democrats who had seen the light. But that’s only seven percent. With the Obamacare exchanges being opened a month ago, and the millions of health-insurance cancellation letters being sent across the country, others are waking up as well. But still, not enough are awake. We on the right need to suck it up, tough it out, and brace ourselves for some hard times, or else this nation will collapse once and for all. We need to walk through the fire in order to reach the fire extinguisher. We need to let the walls burn, the furniture incinerate, and endure the heat before we put out the flames and rebuild.

There’s a reason why most of the people who lived in the Soviet Union are some of today’s staunchest defenders of right-wing politics: it’s because they experienced unfettered left-wing politics. The evils of liberalism create conservatives. We need to turn this country around, and we can only do that by changing minds. And that can only happen if they experience firsthand full, non-cushioned, unadulterated liberalism. We tell people over and over and over again liberalism is bad, just as you tell a child over and over and over again that the stove is hot. Eventually, if they keep ignoring you, you have to let them touch the burner. Once they do, they’ll never touch it again.

America wants liberalism? Let’s let them experience it good and hard. In this gubernatorial election (and in the 2014 midterms), I will swallow my vomit and pull the lever for the leftist.