Conservative Supporters of GOP Gov. Walker Targets Of Subpoenas And Raids

When conservative Republican Scott Walker ran for governor of Wisconsin, he promised to do what he could to help curb the state deficit and bring spending back under control.  He won the election in 2010 and was sworn in as governor on January 3, 2011.

Not long after taking office, Walker set out to cut state spending and one of those areas was to introduce his budget repair bill.  Part of this bill eliminated many of the collective bargaining rights of unions that represented many state workers.  Additionally, the bill would result in state and local government employees to contribute more towards their health insurance and pension plans. Walker said that the bill would save the state $30 million for the current year and $300 million over the next two years.

Walker’s budget repair bill was passed by the state legislature and it was immediately signed into law by Gov. Walker.  As expected, the unions were furious and reacted by launching a recall petition against Walker along with a legal challenge of the bill.

On May 26, 2011, a judge struck down the budget repair bill, ruling that it violated the states’ open meeting laws.  However, on June 14, 2011, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court overturned the judge’s ruling, fully reinstating the budget repair bill.

The recall election mounted against Walker was nasty and often almost violent.  Unions don’t like being stripped of their powers and they mounted a huge campaign blitz against Walker.  They were slinging more than mud at the GOP governor who was supported by a number of conservatives and conservative groups.  When the votes were counted from the June 5, 2012 special recall election, Walker won with a wider margin than he had winning the governorship in 2010.

In the wake of the recall and Walker’s further efforts to cut state spending and balance the state’s budget, unions and Democrats are still angry and are now using a special prosecutor to target and harass many of the larger supporters of Scott Walker.  The special prosecutor was appointed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office.

Francis Schmitz, a special prosecutor has been issuing subpoenas against at least 29 conservative groups that supported Walker.  The subpoenas demand all emails, memoranda, correspondence and communications that could be connected to the recall campaign of Walker.  One of the subpoenas demands all information pertaining to the recall campaign including a complete donor list.

Some of the groups being targets are American Crossroads, Americans for Prosperity—Wisconsin, Friends of Scott Walker, League of American Voters, the Republican Governors Association, the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Family Action, and the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce.

Eric O’Keefe, Director of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, was the recipient of one of the subpoenas.  He reports that law enforcement officers raided the homes of some being targeted.  The raids were carried out at dawn and resulted in the confiscation of records, computers and other personal property thought to be pertinent to the investigation.

Suspiciously, the subpoenas do not indicate what the charges are that have spawned the targeted raids and removal of personal computers and information along with demands for a list of all donors.  Some suspect that they opponents of Walker are trying to establish some type of illegal campaign coordination by independent groups that helped raise funds for Walker’s recall campaign.

It might be a coincidence that in 2010, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, run by Democrat John Chisholm launched an investigation against Walker.  They contended that Walker’s staffers used government offices and equipment for political campaign purposes.  After three years of investigation, they have not been able to find any shred of evidence to substantiate the charges.  Some feel that the current ‘John Doe’ investigation is an act of retaliation and retribution against Walker to possibly scare off his supporters, since Walker comes up for re-election in 2014.

There is no limit as to how low and how far Democrats will go to misuse the law to target and attack their opponents.  We saw this with the IRS targeting of Tea Party, patriotic, conservative and Christian groups.  We have also seen it when the US Army began listing many of the same organizations as hate groups.  If you are a conservative and patriotic Christian and belong to any organization or group, don’t be surprised if you’re woke up early someday by law enforcement officers who will confiscate your computers, cell phones and anything else they deem necessary to their harassment of people like us.  The Democrats are becoming more and more like Hitler’s Gestapo.  They do not play fair and they care nothing about the Constitution, your rights or the law.  After all, look at the example they have in President Obama.