Conservative Slams Obama Administrations “Semantic” Word Games

George Will and Charles Krauthammer were guests on Fox News Live Monday Night when they began sharing their utter disdain for the semantic language games that the Obama administration continues to play with the war on terror and particularly against the evil villains in ISIS.

Will, in particular became angry with Obama’s assertions that the 21 victims of ISIS in Libya were “just” “Egyptian citizens.”



They said they were ‘Egyptisan citizens’ wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in the room where the White House semanticists meet every morning and try to figure out how they could possibly describe what happened without offending those who did it. I think the phrase they should come up with is ‘non-Islamic’ randomness, that would explain just about everything that they have to deal with.
At this point, it is beyond burlesque, its pathological, its clinical their inability and unwillingness to say – to accurately describe things. The secret of decent, strong communication is specificity. Man got into the car and drove around the corner. The man got into a light gray Buick and drove around the corner tells you more. Why can’t they say what specifically happened?