Conservative Pundit Blames Hillary Clinton for Libyan Refugee Crisis

Conservative pundit George Will blasted Hillary Clinton for her role in the refugee crisis that is currently unfolding in the Middle East.

One of the questions there is: Is this our fault because of what happened in Syria?

I don’t think we started the Syrian war… I don’t think we have a recipe for ending it.

The real problem is Libya. Refugees from Syria come overland to Europe, a much safer trip…

The really dangerous trip is across the Mediterranean to Italy from Libya. Aug 27, two boats carrying 500 people from Libya sank. In April, 800 people drowned trying to get from Libya.

What happened to Libya? That is our fault. We went in to a country that posed no conceivable threat to the U.S., and in an eight month protracted assassination attempt decaptitated their government, creating the failed state that we see there that is producing all this.

Some presidential candidates, both the former Secretary of State [Hillary Clinton] and some Republicans who were enthusiasts for the Libya intervention are going to have to answer for that.