Conservative Norquist Endorses Gang Of 8 Immigration Deformity

The loyalties of Grover Norquists seem to be shifting left again. In a factually vacant opinion piece for “The Daily Caller,” Grover Norquist a career lobbyist and President of “Americans for Tax Reform” spuriously claims the current Senate immigration reform bill is “rooted in strong conservative principles” and “will be a stimulus and a jobs package rolled into one.”

Given the gravity and magnitude of confirmed economic and social destruction the Gang of 8-immigration bill will inflict on our Republic, I feel compelled, in true David and Goliath fashion, to take Mr. Norquist to task for his politically expedient position. The last time I was critical of Mr. Norquist (see “The Convenient Loyalties of Grover Norquist” on this site) Republican Party loyalists came down hard on my article. Someone insulted my mother and one reader darkly warned me about poking the K street bear. Oh well. Poke! POKE!

The theme of Norquist’s article seems to be shame, not his, but ours. A typical tactic used by lobbyists. To paraphrase loosely, according to Norquist, America was built by immigrants, sons and daughters of immigrants, a less immigrant friendly nation is counter to our best traditions of decency and will make America less prosperous and less successful. If I had not seen his picture and name over the article I would have sworn President Obama himself wrote it.

Norquist claims that the current Senate bill will reduce our deficit by “$2.7 trillion dollars over the next decade” and “be a tremendous boon to our economy.” If one takes Norquists claims seriously, one must believe the lies and distortion sold by our governing political party elite. A government that cannot seem to agree on factual unemployment, poverty and illegal immigration rates. A government that has essentially ignored border security and immigration law for decades. A government that relaxed entitlement qualification standards so that their friends in industry could benefit from cheap illegal immigrant labor while the American worker, small business community and taxpayer picked up the tab. A government currently run by radical ideologues with less math skill then moral character and a predisposition to betray core conservative principles to secure future votes. A government that Norquist, for most of his career, used to enrich his lifestyle and strengthen his grip on powerful decision makers.

Nowhere in Norquists article are there any specific details of how current immigration reform efforts will quell the socio-economic problems created by decades of illegal immigration/hiring exacerbated by Obama’s immigration enforcement moratoriums and expansion of entitlement programs for illegal aliens. He only gives out platitudes designed to appeal to softhearted children of legal immigrants. Apparently Norquist is concerned about Republicans turning Hispanic voters in the coming elections—afraid that Washington Republicans’ control of taxpayer money may slide from Grover’s grasp. All of this from a man that has championed anti-tax pledges.

Perhaps Mr. Norquist has spent too many years in D.C. and no longer understands the plight of the average American business owner and the middle class workforce that fights to pay the mortgage and cover health insurance premiums while struggling to compete with illegal alien businesses and workers. The people who have watched their wages and opportunity stagnate. Their quality of life, liberty and happiness fade while the wealthy and powerful decision makers, whom Norquist influences, spend and legislate our nation to death.

I find it laughable that a well-known national proponent of tax reform is celebrating an immigration bill he claims will reduce deficit spending by a projected $270 billion dollars per year when his friends in Washington have not passed a budget in years. How in the heck did he come up with these numbers? Is Grover suddenly seeing eye to eye with tax and overspend, border un-enforcement propagandist Chuck Schumer?

I have written much anti-immigration reform and pro-immigration enforcement articles in the past. You can find my factual analysis of the current bill here. I have watched, in dismay, the committee hearings supposedly refining and improving the Gang of 8 immigration bill. The bill is a failure for America. It is a boon to “big Government.” The “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013” rewards illegal alien lawbreakers and penalizes US citizens. Designed to buy voters, this bill will explode taxpayer short and long-term debt obligations for generations. Norquists appeals for its support are irresponsible, un-patriotic and spit on conservative American traditions.

America’s proud immigrant history is undeniable. I am a product of that history. Changing that tradition to reward illegal behavior will only serve to sully the hard earned and honorable lives of those immigrants who sacrificed, respected our laws and earned a place in American society as true patriots.

Grover Norquist’s article has inadvertently revealed his fears and apprehensions for his financial future. He is lobbying for the perpetuation of a corrupt system that has enriched his life and neutered our liberty. Perhaps Mr. Norquist has higher political aspirations. For me he is just another Karl Rove playing God with the future of America. And this time, once again, he is dead wrong.

Our immigration enforcement system is broken. No argument here. The Gang of 8 and supporters of reform conveniently forget immigration laws once worked and then the government screwed it up. This immigration reform bill is yet another example of government’s wrongheaded problem solving. If you thought Obamacare was a nightmare, I fear for our nation if this bill in its current form becomes law.

I guess I am in trouble again.