Conservative Begs for an End to the “Amazing Greed Of The United States Congress”

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) stood in the House to demand that Congress finally repeal the death tax which he said was an example of the “amazing greed of the United States Congress”.

Several years ago, there was an author who wrote a book about millionaires in America – and it was amazing. Most of the millionaires built a business, built a farm and the number one most commonly driven vehicle by millionaires in America was a Ford F-150 truck. They were workers.

There was a time in America, where we looked around and we saw somebody work 16 hours a day, like my aunt and uncle did and build together a farm – and we were proud of them.

My Aunt Lilly died and the FDIC dumped land out by her place before the land could be sold, and so the IRS came in and eventually sold every acre of her land. The family was called and thought ‘let’s try to at least buy some of her assets from her home –her little modest home.’ I bought this music box from Aunt Lilly – it plays ‘Amazing Grace.’

But, she did not get amazing grace; her heirs did not get amazing grace. They ran into the amazing greed of the United States Congress. Let’s take the green-eyed monster and put it where it belongs, and begin to feel good for people who work for what they own.