Conservative Activist Targeted by Violent and Hypocritical Liberals

A couple of weeks ago popular conservative activist Dana Loesch produced a new commercial for the NRA called “Moms Like Me.”

In the commercial, Loesch explained why it is that millions of moms, just like her, are fighting for the right to protect themselves and the right to bear arms. The ad went viral pretty quickly, with conservative activists around the world praising the production as a logical argument for self-defense.

While conservatives loved the commercial, there was apparently at least one liberal out there who didn’t like it. A Twitter user named Tom Adelsback posted an edited version of the commercial showing Leosch accidentally shooting herself with her own gun. Twitter eventually removed the video, but the message was clear.

In the aftermath of finding the video, Loesch contacted the FBI for help and the authorities have begun an investigation. On Tuesday night Loesch made an appearance on Fox News’ the Kelly File to discuss the commercial and the fallout from the threats.

“It’s incredibly disturbing, the amount of harassment people receive just for expressing a different opinion.”

Sadly, this kind of behavior has become par for the course from liberals in America.