Congress’s Approval Rating Too High; $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill Passed

A 1,582-page bill was just passed in the House that will spend another $1.1 trillion on things and stuff from which no one will ever benefit.

That’s a lot of pages for a busy member of Congress to read. How are they supposed to make time reading bills when they’re busy avoiding work?!

Answer: they don’t make time for it.

From CNSNews:

On Capitol Hill on Thursday, asked [Earl] Blumenauer [Democrat of Oregon]: “The omnibus bill yesterday, it was 1,582 pages, did you have a chance to read all the pages before voting on it?”

Blumenauer laughed and said: “Nobody did!”

Yeah, ha-haaa, don’t be silly! He voted for the thing, sure, but that don’t mean he read it! What, you think he gets paid to read those bills?

Gerry Connolly, Democratic representative of Virginia, was asked the same question.

His reply: “I’m not going to dignify that question with an answer.”

Of course not. Your constituents don’t care that you can’t accurately represent them unless you know in what ways you are representing them; and you can’t know in what ways you are representing them unless you know what bills you are voting on. Your constituents are Democrats; they have no standards for their elected representatives.

But truly, Connolly is right; how “undignified” a question! “Did you read the bill we hired you to read?” Pish posh!

What about Republicans?

Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina was asked if he had read all 1,582 pages of the bill.

“Personally, no, I did not read all those pages,” he said. But he voted No on the bill, explaining, “[W]e pulled out probably eight or nine sections of it, and I went through that in detail. And the reason for my No vote was, there was a couple of things in those sections that I had read, that I had issues with. And so we didn’t need to go any further, because we knew we were going to vote No.”

One hundred and sixty-six (166) Republicans voted for the bill (compared to the Democrats’ 193 votes), and I feel safe in assuming that each of the former is just as guilty as the latter of not reading it.

Here’s the list of the votes.