Congressional Approval Rating in Single Digits

Well, it’s official. In thirty-nine years of surveying, Gallup has never seen a single-digit approval rating for Congress. Until now! Americans straight up despise Congress, with only 9% of Americans giving Congress the thumbs up.

The approval rating wasn’t even this low during the shutdown. I’m guessing people aren’t even paying attention to current events anymore. We’re just out for more approval ratings records—to see how low we can get this thing. I wonder how many of us could keep our jobs with an approval rating of 9%? “Well, Simpson. We hate you. We hired you to do a fairly simple task: data entry. You can’t type. I don’t even think you know what a computer is. You lied on your application, didn’t you? But it’s not just that you’re incompetent. You’re also mean. I can’t actually think of any reason why we should continue employing you here. But… no matter. You just need to get back out there and keep trying. And, by the way, we approved your request for a raise.”

Many people want to blame the Tea Party for this. As if the congressional approval rating would be higher if only the Tea Party weren’t filibustering every little thing Congress wanted to do. It may be true that Tea Party candidates choose to stop up the expansion of government, but I fail to see why that would necessarily result in a sinking approval rating. A smaller government that more carefully legislates in line with the Constitution should have the highest approval rating of all. Unless the approval rating has nothing to do with the job Congress members have actually been hired to do. But 9% doesn’t even make sense. That means that at least some people who are entirely dependent on handouts from the civil government still hate Congress. That’s cold.

I actually don’t know exactly why there is so much bipartisan hatred for Congress right now. But I’m hoping that it eventually results in the effective destruction of the two-party system.

We’ll just have to see. Tomorrow, I’m sure Congress will choose to give away some more free stuff, and their approval rating should spike.