“Concerned Citizen” Calls Cops on Guy Carrying Confederate Flag

A “concerned citizen” and Virginia resident spotted a man walking down the street, carrying a Confederate battle flag. The scared citizen did what any responsible person would do in such a situation. The person called the police. I mean, this guy carrying a flag like that…he could be dangerous. Everyone knows it was a symbol of hate he was carrying. A symbol of slavery and white supremacy. Possession of that flag should be a hate crime. Carrying in in public, down the street, should be a double hate crime.

A driver snapped a picture of the guy and tweeted it. The driver noted that the man was “not yelling anything but [you] could tell he was walking with pride in his step.”

carrying flag

Thankfully, the police saw this as a complete non-incident. WTOP reported:

At least one concerned resident called police to report the display, which is highly unusual for Arlington, but according to scanner traffic police determined that the man was exercising his First Amendment rights and not violating the law.

It’s okay to “walk with pride in your step” if you’re at a gay pride parade and carrying the rainbow flag. But if you’re a white guy carrying the Confederate battle flag and/or the Gadsden flag, it’s morally wrong and should be against the law.