Concealed Carry Owner Confronted by Two Armed Robbers; Who do You Think Won?

There were actually three teenagers who confronted a Detroit man at a bus stop, telling him not to move or else they’d shoot him. Two of the teens were armed. One of them grabbed over $200 in cash from the man’s pocket during the stickup.

What they didn’t count on was their victim being armed. He had apparently obtained his concealed carry permit just two weeks prior to this event. He pulled out his gun and shot both of the armed teens, one in the chest and the other in the legs. The two went to the hospital across the street and told personnel there that they had just been walking down the street and got shot. The third teen took off running when the victim had opened fire.

It didn’t take long for the police to connect the dots and realize that the two teens who had dragged themselves into the ER claiming to have been shot walking down the street were actually the suspects in the case. One of them is in critical condition, and the other is in stable condition. Fox2Detroit reported:

Another robbery victim fights back after he’s targeted at a Detroit bus stop. The 23-year-old had officially become a Concealed Pistol License holder a couple of weeks ago and after what happened Sunday night – it was just in time.

Tremain, who doesn’t want to be identified because his family fears retaliation, says his brother had just finished work and was waiting for the bus at Schaefer and West Outer Drive on the west side when three teens confronted him.

One pulled out a gun and demanded his money.

“They threatened him and told him if he moved they were going to blow him which is a term for I’m going to kill or shoot you if you move,” Tremaine said. “And that’s what ended up happening.”

One of the suspects reached into the victim’s pocket and stole $220. The trio became excited about the money they just nabbed and became distracted – at that moment the CPL holder pulled out his gun and fired.

He hit the16-year-old in the chest and the 17-year-old in the leg. The 19-year-old took off running.

“We are glad that he didn’t lose his life and he protected himself,” said Tremain. “He was in fear of his life he didn’t know what to do he didn’t know this was going to happen to him.”

The 23-year-old CPL holder called Detroit police. FOX 2 learned the two wounded suspects went to find medical help at Sinai Grace Hospital across the street from the scene. They told the ER they were walking down the street when they were held up and shot.

But investigators put it together and realized they had their suspects. One of the teens eventually confessed to this crime and others and further evidence was found on their Facebook pages.

Tremain, who is also a CPL holder, believes this is a perfect example of why he and his brother have no choice but to carry in a city that is plagued by this sort of crime.

These guys have it right. The bad guys will always end up with guns, legally or not. The way you deal with that reality is not to try to pile on more and more restrictions that will only be ignored by criminals. It’s to encourage all the innocent, law-abiding citizens to carry concealed, especially in a dangerous city like Detroit, for these exact types of incidents.