Concealed Carrier Saves Elderly Man From Being Beaten

Thanks to a Kroger shopper who also carried a concealed firearm, an elderly man was saved from being beaten. All the shopper had to do was draw his weapon, and the attackers decided to leave.

The concealed carrier and shopper identified as Gene said he had just come out of the grocery store and was about to put his bags in the car when he noticed an older guy getting beat up with about seven other guys standing around him. The Blaze reported:

Leaving an Arkansas grocery store Wednesday night, one shopper said he witnessed a disturbing altercation — an elderly man getting beaten up while surrounded by a group of seven people.

 “That’s just not good odds,” he told KOLR-TV.

So the 24-year-old Kroger shopper — who gave only a first name, Gene — decided to do something about the scene in the Little Rock parking lot.

He told KOLR he threw down his bags, stepped to the side — and then pulled out his gun and pointed it at the group.

“I was freaking out,” he told the station. “I was shaking.”

But the move got the group’s attention. ”They kept yelling this isn’t your fight, you need to walk away, you need to put the gun down,” Gene recalled to KOLR.

By this point, other shoppers had pulled out their cellphones and began documenting the standoff and calling police. ”Some lady behind yells, ‘There’s a man with a gun,’ to 911,” Gene said.

The group and the victim took off before police arrived. Police said they’re all related, and it was a nephew attacking his uncle. The victim, his face bloodied, told police he didn’t want to press charges.

While Gene told KOLR it was the first time he’s drawn his weapon after years of legally carrying one, he would make the same choice if faced with the situation again.

“When you see a crime happening and you see someone getting injured, if you have the ability to stop it, you should do so,” he said.

This is one of those stories that has no context. All we have is the altercation with the elderly man that ended when Gene drew his gun. But we don’t know what happened before that. What prompted the fight? Was it something the uncle had done or said?

Those details might be irrelevant. Even if the uncle had provoked the fight in some way, there’s no way Gene or anyone else would have known. All they knew was that someone was getting beat up, and that it needed to stop. In a situation like that, all that can be done is to break up the fight if the person is able, and then find out what the issue was that needed to be resolved. Unless the nephew was acting in self-defense, I don’t think there was any justification for what he did.