Concealed Carrier Refuses to be Robbery Victim

What’s particularly troubling is that this attempted armed robbery incident happened over a pair of shoes. The Daily Caller reported:

An Ohio man who was leaving a Dayton mall with a pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers he had just purchased was forced to shoot a teenager who pulled a gun on him during a robbery attempt on Saturday.

Police say 16-year-old Jawaad Jabbar showed up too late to a limited sales event at Hhgregg shoe store at a mall in Dayton, Ohio where the popular $200 sneakers were being sold.

So Jabbar decided to try to rob a man with a pair of the shoes, pulling a gun on him on the sidewalk outside of the store.

But Jabbar picked the wrong target.

The man, who was with a friend, was armed. He pulled his gun and shot Jabbar once, killing him.

Two juveniles with Jabbar at the time bolted but were later arrested.

“This was a random act of ‘I want something that person has and I’m going to take it from them by any means,’” said Miami Township, Ohio police Sgt. Jay Phares.

Athletic shoes such as Air Jordan’s — NBA legend Michael Jordan’s sneaker line — are a popular target among thieves, especially during the Christmas season.

“You know, I’m a concealed carry permit holder. If someone attempts, you know, I’m prepared,” said a man at the scene in an interview with WLWT.

The media tried making it sound like Jawaad was “gunned down” over the shoes. But I don’t think the shoes were actually as important to the owner as they were to Jawaad. The man shot back, because he was being robbed at gunpoint. This kid probably would have killed over the Air Jordans. And he probably would have thought it was worth it to kill over them. But he lost his life all because of his uncontrolled envy and covetousness. Was it really worth it to die over a pair of shoes?