Compromising With Democrats Over Immigration Will Doom the GOP

Dwight Eisenhower said: “The purpose is clear. It is safety with solvency. The country is entitled to both.”

When it comes down to our essential rights as Americans, safety is at or near the top. As Americans, we expect a certain level of protection from outside forces that may do us harm. The security of our southern border has been a long standing issue in this country, debated for what feels like an eternity. However, nothing truly revolutionary has been done.

According to Town Hall, the new immigration bill authored by the Gang of Eight is shoddy at best and dangerous at worst. The bill leaves border security almost entirely under the discretion of the Department of Homeland Security, and for that, we should be worried.

“[T]he immigration bill gives an extraordinary amount of discretion to the Homeland Security Secretary in its implementation. In a hearing this week, Secretary Napolitano told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the legislation doesn’t actually obligate any more border fencing… President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security doesn’t believe that the immigration bill as currently written requires any more border fencing to be completed. This legislation requires no additional border fencing, according to the discretion granted to the Department of Homeland Security.”

 Town Hall even notes that Politifact checked on just how much of our border is protected. Here’s what they had to say: “DHS reports there are currently 36.3 miles of double-layered fencing, the kind with enough [of a] gap that you can drive a vehicle between the layers. But the majority of the fencing erected has been vehicle barriers, which are designed to stop vehicles rather than people . . . and single-layer pedestrian fencing.”

With so little of our border currently protected by fencing — which is poor at best — how are we keeping our country safe? Currently, illegal immigrants are crossing the border with ease, drug trafficking and human trafficking are constant, and the possibility of terrorist entry through our southern border is ever present.

There is a simple solution: build a wall. Not 36 miles of random fencing, not a security program; an actual, physical, solid wall.

This Gang of Eight bill offers so much discretion to the administration that it might as well not even exist. This bill was co-authored by Republicans in some ill-conceived attempt to “compromise” and broaden Republican appeal in regard to Hispanic votes. It doesn’t work that way! We have an obligation to protect this country; to eliminate the drug trade, and to save those being traded under human trafficking. But nothing is ever done.

Marco Rubio — the most visible Conservative co-author of this bill — has fallen into the thought pattern that “compromising” with the Democrats will help Republicans. This is a grave mistake. Conservatism hasn’t failed; its messengers have. If we abandon our principles, legalize illegals, fail to secure our border, and try to act in good faith with Democrats, we will lose every presidential election for the next 50 years. That is the truth.

“Compromise” shouldn’t be a dirty word, but it is in the context of Democrat politics. Conservatives continue to fall into the foolish notion that doing nothing to secure the border, and legalizing illegal aliens will get Republicans more votes. It will do exactly the opposite! There is a twisted notion growing within the Republican Party that being liked (by legalizing illegal aliens) means getting more votes; that being more like Democrats is our only option. That is patently absurd. We are being manipulated! I used to have faith in Marco Rubio. I used to believe he was the future. He is not.

This bill is a joke; and the American people will be the butt of that joke. I’m sorry, Rubio; you’re out. It’s all on Ted Cruz now.