Compromise Will Not Save America From Obama’s Lies

I think most reasonable people recognize that liberalism has always been the enemy of American traditions. Decades of political compromises have fostered unconstitutional and expensive government expansions; shattered many honored American traditions, fostered a culture weak in conscience, and established a failed vision of governing through theory, not fact. Now we have Obama, a self-absorbed second term President, with an illusory mandate to redistribute income and opportunity to those he thinks he owns and controls.

Often maligned for a proud pre-disposition to protect tradition, conservatism has never been and will never be an enemy of Freedom and Liberty. It is the enemy of tyranny, immorality, and the dangerous and expensive Obama orthodoxy. Conservatisms “No” vote, will always be the voice of reason when shortsighted liberal profiteers choose to traffic in empty promises to satisfy the primal urges of their reckless constituents. If Republican politicians continue their compromising and marginalize conservative voters to satisfy moderate Republican ambitions, they may as well abolish the U.S. Constitution and surrender to their Liberal counterparts.

Recently, I wondered, what our nation and world would look like if true conservative principles were a priority for our government instead of a perceived impediment to compromise. Would minority and self-destructive liberal white America’s addiction to government handouts be the prevailing incentive to vote today? Would the murder of the unborn, be viewed by women as a constitutional healthcare right or instead, a tragic loss of a baby deserving of a mothers love? Would conservatives have forced America to trust politicians to decide the fate of the American elderly or would American family traditions prevail? Would Iran be building a nuke? Would we be considering constitutional infringement as a solution to gang violence and mental health issues? In addition, would we be financing and arming our ideological Islamist enemies all over the world.

Clearly, if conservative principles were alive and well in America, the fraud presently occupying the oval office would never have been a serious candidate, a Hollywood “B” actor perhaps, or even a third rate televangelist, but surely not a serious contender for Commander in Chief. Undoubtedly, social issues like gay marriage, amnesty, unconstitutional debt, failing public education, abortion, entitlement dependency, and secularism would not be consuming our Republic. History confirms the unsustainable social and fiscal costs resulting from tolerating liberalisms fantasies, so why are conservatives calling for compromise? Why are Republicans, the party of abolition, civil rights, right to life, and GOD not fighting back against the liberal lies?

Given the historic failures of the liberal agenda, why are so many conservatives now calling for an ideological shift toward moderation and compromise? After all, it is clear that liberalism is not the solution to America’s moral and fiscal decline rather it is the root cause. Are conservatives supposed to believe that gay marriage acceptance in America will soothe global Islamic tensions?  Are we supposed to believe, once again, that Amnesty is the best answer to the fiscal, social and crime problems created by illegal immigrant populations that have been legally pilfering the U.S. Treasury since 1986? To hell with compromise, it is time that conservative America took this fight to the White House. Conservatives should be demanding very public investigations by the U.S. House of Representatives of this corrupt Executive Branch led by President Obama.

Where are the true conservative voices (or even Sen. Marco Rubio) publicly hounding gun control and career opportunist Sen. Dianne Feinstein for her culpability in the tens of millions of child murders she has consistently supported as a woman’s reproductive right. What is the worst that can happen?

Speaker of the House, John Boehner should be on television everyday calling Obama a “liar.” Exposing him publicly for what he is and let the race cards fly. Pull out the first families travel and entertainment expense reports and make the President’s frivolous and very personal over spending an issue.

Where were you, Mr. President, on September 11, 2012? Where you on your way to Nevada for a fundraiser while four Americans went murdered in Benghazi on U.S. soil? What harm, what Constitutional conflict, what racial divide, would Boehner cross that Obama has not already trampled?

For the love of Pete, who gives a hoot if they blame it on the Bush Administration? Former President Bush’s reputation as a big government “compassionate conservative” is not a state secret. Is it really worth sacrificing an entire nation to a liberal agenda, to out of control entitlement spending, to an Islamist appeaser and a dictatorial White House to protect a former U.S. Presidents perceived legacy? After all, the former President did run up a heck of a bill and did nothing short of encourage illegal immigration to the United States. It is time for Republicans to act like conservatives, stop wasting time protecting their failures, and concentrated instead on the here and the now.

It is often said in times of conflict, people will show there true colors. Recently some self-described conservatives with very public lives have shed their conservative skins opting for moderate stances on social issues in an attempt to salvage support for a badly bruised Republican party. As a result, Obama is now shaping conservatism as the enemy of his new American political process, a process that welcomes immorality at the expense of truth. To heck with fair and balanced, if conservatives do not get of their butts and fight President Obama now, your morality, and your ideals, will not rate a memory when the liberals take over in 2015.