Comedian Penn Jillette Defends the 2nd Amendment from Illogical Liberals

The brilliant and funny Penn Jillette happens to not only be a wonderful comedian and magician but he’s also a constitution supporting libertarian. He recently took his talents to the Nightly Show  where he went toe-to-toe with some card carrying (but not gun carrying) liberals. While there he took the time to educate them about the incredibly well documented fact that gun laws do not solve gun crimes… which the liberals he was opposing did not appreciate at all.

RICKY VELEZ (Nightly Show contributor): But at the same time, when that [the Second Amendment] was written, they had muskets. It’s a lot harder to shoot up a movie theater with a musket. It’s going to take two and a half hours. 

PENN JILLETTE: But, unfortunately, with that exact same argument on the First Amendment, you have real trouble too. 

VELEZ: But at the same time, we’re evolving as people. 

JILLETTE: Absolutely. And what we’re doing when we’re evolving as people – 

VELEZ: Shouldn’t the Constitution? 

JILLETTE: First of all the First Amendment has been broadened tremendously beyond what the Founding Fathers intended and I’m all for that. The other thing is that we are evolving tremendously to be less violent. We are much less violent. There is, I am sure you know all these facts much more than I do, there is much more, many more guns sold in the United States, but many fewer families that have them, they are concentrated arsenals in small numbers of people.

BRINA MILIKOWSKY (Chief Strategy Officer, Everytown for Gun Safety) : Our research shows that there are systematic steps we can take to close holes in our gun laws and strengthen the gun laws. 

PENN JILLETTE: When we don’t do that, violence still goes down. 

MILIKOWSKY: We are a nation of laws. 

JILLETTE:  I am not disagreeing agreeing with you. I’m not disagreeing with you. 

MILIKOWSKY: No law is going to stop every crime.  There are states that require background checks for every gun sales, for example. There are fewer women shot to death by intimate partners. There are fewer law enforcement officers killed with handguns. There’s less gun trafficking. You shut down those easy avenues – 

JILLETTE: But you have to keep saying over and over that violence keeps going down, even when we don’t do those things. 

from Newsbusters