Colorado Voters about to Give Anti-Gun CO Governor the Boot

Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper is a true Obama disciple. He worked hard to help the state legislature pass strict anti-gun laws while at the same time legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Hickenlooper was also supportive of Obama’s green energy agenda and signed several green energy bills into law that will surely have an impact on Colorado residents and businesses.

Hickenlooper’s actions drove several gun related manufactures to other gun friendly states. The Outdoor Channel cancelled the filming of 4 programs being filmed in the Rocky Mountain State. Over 95% of the county sheriffs in Colorado signed a letter stating that they would not enforce the new anti-gun laws.

Along with Hickenlooper were several state Democratic politicians who ended up losing their jobs in successful recall elections mounted by conservatives. Now it seems that Hickenlooper may be the next casualty of the Democrat’s war on guns.

Even though a compilation of polls put together by RealClearPolitics indicate that the race between Hickenlooper and former Rep. Bob Beauprez, his Republican challenger, is fairly even, the Quinnipiac University Poll, considered to be a reliable indicator or trends has Beauprez with a 10 point lead. With barely a month to go before the election, such a lead can end up swaying a number of voters to go with the flow. In contrast to Hickenlooper’s anti-gun policies, Beauprez was given an ‘A’ by the NRA for his solid pro-Second Amendment voting record while serving in Congress.

The news of the most recent poll makes Erich Pratt, a spokesman for Gun Owners of America quite happy. He told OneNewsNow:

“We are excited. This is a pro-gun country. Colorado is a pro-gun state. Democrats like Hickenlooper and [President] Obama frequently ignore our Constitution. They want to bring about social change but without enacting a constitutional amendment that would actually be the proper way to change the Constitution. They think they can just make laws that override the Constitution. People really resent that.”

“It’s already cost three Colorado state senators their seats; two through recall, and a third who saw the writing on the wall and retired, and now Hickenlooper’s days may be numbered.”

Hopefully there are enough voters in Colorado who still value and respect the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. These are the voters that need to flock to the polls and cast their votes for Beauprez and others still believe in what America stood for, not for what they want to make it into.