Colorado Recall Effort Underway Against Gun Grabber Evie Hudak

If you live in Colorado’s 19th Senate District, make your way over to the group’s Arvada headquarters to sign the petition to recall State Senator Evie Hudak. If the effort is successful, she’ll be the third gun-grabber in Colorado’s legislature to lose her seat.

The guy behind the recall effort Mike McAlpine said that so far, it’s going “very, very strong.” He didn’t elaborate as to how many signatures they’ve got, but he did say that about 15% of those signing the petition have been Democrats.

They’ve got 60 days between October 4th and December 3rd at 5PM to gather 18,900 signatures. Breitbart reported:

To sign the petition for recall, McAlpine said you have to be registered to vote in Colorado’s Senate District 19, which is Westminster and Arvada. The main petition is located in a central office at 11651 West 64th Ave, Arvada, CO, 80004. However, the recall effort has also placed people all over Arvada with bright yellow t-shirts and signs who are politely asking for signatures. He referred to these volunteers as “sign and drives” and said citizens can flag one of these individuals down, and they will come to your car to let you sign the petition. Although the ability to sign the petition is reserved only to those registered to vote in district 19, McAlpine stressed that anyone from anywhere can volunteer to help with the recall effort and anybody can donate as well. Donations for the recall effort can be given through the website,

When you’ve got Democrats comprising 15% of those signing the petition to recall one of their own, you know she must be bad. Either that, or those Dem voters are just really naïve and gullible and would in fact sign anything. But I’m sure McAlpine is happy to take them any way he can get them.