Colorado Man under Influence of Legal Pot Kills Wife

When Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana, I predicted that it would lead to more deaths in the state.

Earlier this month I wrote about the death of Levy Thamba; a 19 year old exchange student from the Republic of Congo.  He and some friends had traveled to Denver on spring break.  One member of the group was 21 and had legally purchased marijuana laced cookies.  Supposedly, none of them had ever tried marijuana before.  Shortly after eating his cookie, Thamba became ‘agitated and upset’ and then ran out of the hotel room onto and over the balcony falling four stories to his death.  Another member of the group got sick after taking a bite of one of the pot laced cookies.

Now, another has surfaced from the Mile High city (high in more ways than elevation) of a man shooting and killing his wife while using recreational marijuana.  Last Monday, Richard Kirk, 47 of Denver visited the store Nutritional Elements in Denver that sells legal marijuana products.  His receipt and store video revealed that Kirk bought a Pre 98 Bubba Kush Pre-Roll joint and Karma Kandy Orange Ginger, a marijuana laced candy.

Shortly after eating the pot laced candy, Kristine Kirk, 44, called 9-1-1 to report that her husband was hallucinating and frightening her and their three children.  During her call, she told the police dispatcher that her husband had asked her to get the gun from their safe and shoot him.  When she refused, she told the dispatcher that he was retrieving the gun.  Twelve minutes into the emergency call, the dispatcher heard a gunshot over the phone and then the line went dead.

When police finally arrived at the house, Kristine was dead from a gunshot to the head and Richard was ranting and rambling to himself.  In his ramblings, he admitted to killing his wife.  Police said that it appeared to them that Richard was definitely suffering the effects of some controlled substance and/or prescription drugs.  A blood test has been taken to find out.

John White, Denver Police Chief told the local media that he was concerned about how long it took for his department to respond to the 9-1-1 call.  White said:

“To some degree it is situation by situation and obviously, as it relates to this particular incident, we’re going to look at all of those nuances and determine what, if anything, went wrong from our perspective. Obviously something went wrong because someone lost their life.”

After news of the killing became public, the store that sold the marijuana candy announced that they were pulling all of the edible marijuana products from their shelves.  An employee of the store told the local news:

“For your protection and our protection we’ve just in the last five seconds decided to pull all the edibles.”

“People are indulging too much and causing issues for everybody.”

There are many people that still favor the legalization of recreational marijuana, including President Barack Obama.  They continue to say that pot is safe and no more dangerous than alcohol.  I would like to see Obama and other pot supporters sit down in a room with the families of the three Kirk children and Levy Thamba back in the Republic of Congo and convince them that pot is safe.  I dare Obama to personally meet with the parents of Kristine Kirk and convince them that marijuana is safe and should be legalized.  But you know it won’t happen because neither Obama nor anyone else has anything they can say to these families to convince them pot is safe.  That should be the final proof needed to ban pot once and for all.