Colorado Dem: Citizens Don’t Need Guns; We Have the Police

State Representative Dickey Lee Hullinghorst swears that she supports the 2nd Amendment. You know, she’s all for hunting and skeet-shooting and all that. But she’s also in favor of “common sense” gun control legislation like universal background checks and prohibiting gun magazines with more than a 15-round capacity. How ironic that she lives in the town of Gunbarrel, Colorado.

Like any good politician, she champions the 2nd Amendment while mocking the idea of concealed carry. Here’s what she said in an interview on the Tim Caffrey Show:

“As a woman I have the right not to carry a gun and to feel safe on the streets, and that’s what we provide for in the state legislature is for all of us in the state of Colorado — to feel safe on the streets without having to carry a gun. There is nothing better than law and order for public safety. The thought that the only way we can protect ourselves is to wield our own weapon is completely absurd and an argument that I absolutely discount as frivolous.”

Look, Mrs. Hullinghorst, don’t carry a gun if you don’t want to. I suppose you do have a right not to, just like people have an equal right to carry a weapon to protect themselves and their families if they choose. Some would argue that we have a duty to carry appropriate defense weapons in case we’re ever attacked.

But it seems you’d rather have a police state than a free state where citizens are encouraged to possess arms for their own protection. And a police state is expensive. It requires even more taxes that will go to fund a larger and more invasive police force. Does she really want a policeman on every corner, checking everyone’s papers, stopping and frisking citizens for guns, all in the name of “security” and so that Mrs. Hullinghorst doesn’t have to carry a gun? Not only is that a call for confiscatory taxes, it’s also a huge tax on people’s freedoms.

Hullinghorst needs to be recalled just like every other gun grabber in Colorado (and in the country for that matter). Bloomberg’s got them all wrapped around his finger ever since he realized the federal war on guns was a lost cause. Recalling these representatives would send a message to Bloomberg that buying off state reps is also a lost cause.