College Text Book Trashes Reagan, Blatantly Lies

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

What makes people believe in anything? I think the answer to that varies from person to person. I know that for myself, I tend to find it difficult to believe in anything not substantiated by multiple sources. I also find it hard to believe in anything that comes from certain sources. Unfortunately, many people will believe anything they read because the have no sense of discernment.

The most vulnerable individuals, in my mind, are college students. You might be inclined to disagree. Some might believe children to be the most easily influenced, but I’m not so sure that’s the case. The minds of kids are malleable, but the minds of college students are arrogant. The college environment is built on the arrogance of ideas. It is built around false intellect. For students, college professors appear to be the peak of intelligence, and free thought. And by repeating the perspectives of college professors, many students believe themselves to be equally insightful. It’s a structured and deliberate propaganda. It appeals to the self-aggrandizing, and arrogant nature of people in their late teens, and early twenties.

According to Warner Todd Huston, a sophomore at the University of South Carolina was dismayed to learn that her textbook was blatantly biased against conservatism—specifically Ronald Reagan.

“In one part, Krist-Ashman’s text teaches students about ‘Conservative Extremes in the 1980s and Early 1990s’ and claims that Reagan ‘ascribed to women primarily domestic functions’ while refusing to appoint women to important positions during his presidency.”

Huston counters the textbook’s lies by mentioning Sandra Day O’Connor (the first female Supreme Court Justice), who was appointed by Reagan, as well as a slew of other female appointments made by Reagan during his tenure. Once again, from Huston:

“The textbook charges that conservatives have a ‘pessimistic view of human nature,’ and they insist that humans are ‘self-centered, lazy and incapable of true charity.'”

What the text alleges is actually the opposite of what conservatives believe. We have an optimistic view of human nature, and its ability to regulate itself, specifically in terms of fiscal responsibility. We believe that everyone should be charitable on their own terms, not have their money forcibly taken by the government. What the text alleges is patently false, not only regarding Reagan, but conservatism in general.

Here’s the unfortunate part: most students won’t know any better. They will read this textbook, take a quiz, and forever believe that Reagan was some sort of misogynist that despised women. This warped understanding of history, and the world around them will influence their lives for years. It may influence how they vote, it may influence to whom they donate their money, and it may influence who they regard as good and moral politicians. I have often heard stories of the impact professors have had on friends of mine.

We need a more critical youth. We need a youth that can look at something like this anti-conservative text book, and weed out the lies. The Left is training young voters. They are being brainwashed. The Left is using the arrogance and rebellious nature of college students to their advantage.

If we don’t educate our kids, they will become the next Obama generation. The next wave of voters is poised to mindlessly vote Democrat if we do nothing.