College Students Sign Petition to Round Up Gun-Owners In FEMA Camps And Execute Them

Mark Dice likes to demonstrate the utter ignorance of Americans by having random people sign fake petitions that call for some of the most ridiculous things like repealing the Bill of Rights. People willingly sign his pretend petitions no matter how ludicrous they are, and he gets everything recorded on video.

In a recent one, he encouraged students on a California college campus to sign a petition that called for, among other things, the repeal of the 2nd Amendment; the confiscation of all guns from citizens; the incarceration of all gun-owners in “FEMA camps”; and the “termination and execution” of all legal gun-owners in the country. He made it as over-the-top as possible, and students still willingly signed his petition. Here, watch his video:

Notice that Dice isn’t being sneaky. He’s not trying to be subtle. In fact, quite the contrary. Throughout the course of the video, he gets more and more ridiculous, probably expecting someone to call him on it and say something like, “What are you, crazy?! Shoot gun-owners with their own guns?” But nothing like that happens.

He did get a few that refused to sign it, but not because they necessarily disagreed with what he was saying. They just didn’t want to sign something that they didn’t know a whole lot about. I guess that’s better than signing it.

I know these sorts of videos only represent a miniscule sample of people. But, come on. That’s still a lot of people. Are they signing it without thinking? Or do they really agree with the petition? It’s hard to know. I think what we can take away from these videos is that people don’t think. Especially Obama voters. If they hear that Obama is (supposedly) behind an effort like Dice’s petition, they’ll blindly support it. “Well, if Obama wants to lock up gun-owners and execute them, I guess it’s a pretty good idea. I mean, we’ve got to keep people safe, so…” Remember, these people vote. Sometimes more than once.