Colin Powell And The “Media Republicans.”

I’m not an easily demoralized person; it takes a pretty big hit to knock me to the floor. That being said, I have become more and more disheartened with some in the Republican Party during this past election cycle and going into the new year. I’ve noticed that it’s getting more difficult to remain unscarred by the political machine. Colin Powell is adding to my scar tissue with his latest remarks.

Now, Colin Powell–ever since his first endorsement of Barack Obama back in 2008–is certainly not the arbiter of Conservatism by any means, but he is viewed by many in the country as a steady, reliable political voice. Much of this is due to his perceived Conservative credentials from serving in the Bush administration.

According to Town Hall:

“The former Joints Chief of Staff chairman who twice endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president tells NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ that in recent years there’s been ‘a significant shift to the right,’ and that’s produced two losing presidential campaigns…He says the GOP needs to ‘take a very hard look at itself and understand that the country has changed’ demographically, and that if the party doesn’t change, ‘they’re going to be in trouble.’ He also bemoans what he calls ‘a dark vein of intolerance’ in some elements of the party.”

Colin Powell is not alone in this belief; which is startling to me. Many within the ranks of the Republican Party are doubting and deriding Conservatism in the wake of the lost presidential election. Powell is one cog in a grand machine that I call the “Media Republican Party.” In retrospect, I’m not sure he ever was Conservative.

You may say that no informed person would listen to Powell; at least not in the Republican Party. Well, this is the age of the “low-information” voter; otherwise known as “not so bright.” Colin Powell is propped up by the “Media Republicans”–which I personally think is a better term than establishment–and millions of not so bright voters in the Republican Party lap up his words like a dehydrated dog laps water.

I am disheartened to see someone with the apparent intelligence of Powell using his words to smear Conservatism. He parrots he media-invented claim that the Republican Party has “shifted too far to the Right;” and that there is a “dark vein of intolerance” within the party.

Let’s talk about this. First, I wasn’t aware that wanting to spend less money than we take in, advocating for the lives of infants, promoting a self-reliant attitude, and having moral scruples was a “shift to the Right.” I thought it was simply a sane political platform. Second, this supposed “vein of intolerance” is another fiction devised by the media and repeated endlessly in the ears of Americans. If you don’t promote a welfare state, and a morally bankrupt society, it seems you are considered intolerant.

Colin Powell is a joke, and so are those who make similar claims. Conservatism hasn’t lost, people have. If we listen to people like Colin Powell, we will lose every election from here on out.