CNN Smears Ben Carson by Saying he Wasn’t Actually Violent When he was Young

If the media did the same thing to the Clintons and to Barack Obama, there would be no shortage of fodder to cast the Clintons and the President in the most negative light possible. It wouldn’t be difficult. In fact, it would be way too easy.

But the media would never betray a friend like that.

A conservative like Ben Carson makes himself an easy target to the media, especially since he has the wrong color skin to be a conservative.

The latest “scandal” Ben Carson is involved in is his claiming he had a violent temper as a youngster. Actually, that wasn’t the scandal part. The scandal part is the fact that the media can’t track anyone down from Carson’s early years who can positively corroborate his claims with absolute certainty.

The media are trying to spin the story by saying he was lying about his past to project a “tough” image to the public to better his chances in his run for the White House. Everyone knows that Dr. Carson is a kind and soft-spoken gentleman. Perhaps his campaign thought that was the wrong image to project. So they concocted stories showing he had violent tendencies as a youth, and that would help him compete with a “tough” guy like Trump.

But that’s not all. The media’s saying that if the stories of his violent-tempered youth are true, then do we really want a person with that kind of past in the White House? With nuclear weapons at the touch of a button? (gasp!) You see where this is going. Either Carson is a pathological liar, or he’s a man with secret, thuggish tendencies. He is, after all, a black man. (It’s okay for the media to use those racial stereotypes.) CNS News reported:

In a report dubbed “a tale of two Ben Carsons,” CNN reported on Thursday that two of its reporters tracked down 10 of Carson’s former schoolmates and neighbors in Detroit: “None challenged Carson’s story directly,” CNN reported. “Only one said they’d heard vague rumors about one of the incidents, but all said this was not the boy they knew.”

CNN said it has not been able to locate victims or witnesses to the various violent outbursts Carson has described in his book, “Gifted Hands.”


But CNN reporter Maeve Reston says her network finds it “really odd” that Carson’s campaign “will not help us find any of these people or eyewitnesses who can talk about what happened during this time.

“And this is a really important piece of vetting a presidential candidate,” Reston said on Thursday. “We went about this story to find these people to talk to them about Dr. Carson’s temper, this moment that he had with God where he said that the temper went away from that point forward. And that’s an important thing to know for someone who is going to be in the Oval Office.”

When conservatives dare do any of this kind of digging into Obama’s past, they’re deemed racist. But when the mass media do it to a black conservative, they’re just “vetting the candidates.” It’s for the children.