CNN says US Relationship with Israel is “Not Icy, It’s Broken”

CNN’s John King made some pretty insightful and honest remarks about our relationship with our ally Israel.


This is the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Israel playing point/counterpoint — essentially debating this — one of the globe’s biggest security challenges of the moment. That’s what’s so remarkable.

This relationship, it’s not icy. It’s broken. It’s broken, and the question is when the president says there’s nothing new in the speech, you can be sure in the back of his mind, he’s hoping there’s something new in two weeks. He’d like a new Israeli prime minister to deal with. If he does not get that it’s hard to see any significant progress or agreement in this relationship through the end of the Obama administration. That gives you pause on a number of global issues. They’ve always said, despite their personal dysfunction, they can get business done.

I do think if you’re the President of the United States, and whether you’re watching at home and disagree or agree with the president, imagine being him and seeing the PM of Israel standing in the spot where the president gives his SOTU address and saying the president of the United States is betting the security of the world on a hope Iran will change its behavior, saying the president says this is going to block Iran’s path. No, it doesn’t. it paves Iran’s path to nuclear weapons.

From the president’s perspective, he’s a proud man and a competitive man, and he just saw the prime minister of an ally stand up in a very sacred spot inĀ American politics and say, “You’re Dead Wrong.”