CNN: Anti-Muslim Pam Geller Had it Coming

Listening to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota question Islam critic Pam Geller about her free speech event, you’d think that Camerota was actually blaming Geller for the attack and saying that she had it coming. Leave it to CNN to find a way to terrorize one of the victims of an attempted mass murder.

Let’s turn things around for a moment just for the sake of argument. Let’s say we’re talking about a “Christian” terrorist who attempted to bomb an abortion clinic, but who was taken out at the last second by security. I seriously doubt CNN would have the clinic’s doctor on their show to get on to him for “inviting” a terrorist to bomb his clinic. Can you imagine a CNN anchor saying something like this:

“Abortion is of course legal in this country, and we all view it as a woman’s absolute right, but you know how these Christian terrorists are. Why try to incite them by having an abortion clinic out in the open, knowing that Christians view abortion as murder and deserving of execution?”

That would never happen. One reason is that Christians don’t react like Muslims. For every “Christian” terrorist, there are about a billion Muslim terrorists.

Another reason is that if the abortionist is the victim, the media will milk the situation for all it’s worth. The abortionist and his staff will forever remain near-martyrs, and Christians will forever be branded as terrorists for being opposed to abortion.

In the real case, you have an event that featured a “Draw Mohammad” cartoon contest, which happened to be won by a former Muslim. That’s all it was. A cartoon contest. It was nothing like Piss Christ, which was considered serious art, and which drew considerable ire amongst Christians, but which didn’t prompt a single violent act on the “artist.” The “art” was protected by free speech. Even if there had been death threats to the artist, the media would have labeled the artist a martyr and would have talked about how free speech is under attack by radical fundamentalists on the right. They would have never in a million years gotten on to the artist for inviting such attacks and threats.

In the case of Pam Geller, the quite articulate critic of radical Islam, she had it coming, according to CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota. Watch how wonderfully Geller handles the questions:

I love how Geller calls Camerota an Islamophobe. It’s quite brilliant actually. Geller’s taking all that language and throwing it back on the media and putting them on the defense.

And isn’t it funny that the media’s taking the side of a religion that is the antithesis of all the things the media claim to stand for:  abortion, women’s rights, homosexuality, free speech, etc. Islam goes to the ridiculously violent extreme in their opposition to these things, and here we’ve got a CNN anchor saying we shouldn’t offend these people. What a walking contradiction they are.