CNN: 10,000 Kids Killed Every Year by Guns

CNN political commentator Sally Kohn threw out a statistic about guns and children that was a little farfetched, to say the least. She said that 10,000 kids are killed every year by guns.

The title of her piece was “We regulate toys, so why not guns?” Her main argument was that since it doesn’t take much for the government to outlaw toys or appliances when they’re found to cause injury or death, gun manufacturers should be treated the same. For example, she said:

Recently, my CNN colleague Mel Robbins made a startling point. Robbins was on “Legal View” to discuss the case of an 11-year-old who shot and killed an 8-year-old neighbor when host Ashleigh Banfield noted that 10,000 children are killed by guns every year. Robbins was taken aback by the statistic. Then Robbins pointed out that when the government found out that a certain type of crib resulted in 32 children dying over 10 years, what did the government do about the cribs? “Outlawed them,” she said. But 10,000 kids die because of guns every single year and we can’t pass even the most measly common sense safety laws?

If you go to that link now, you’ll see that she corrected her claim about 10,000 kids being killed by guns every year. But not before radio host John Cardillo called her out on it. He pointed to FBI statistics that found that there were a total of 11,961 gun homicides last year. Of those, 1,085 were victims under the age of 18. And when you think of places like Chicago and Detroit, that’s not all that surprising, since those places are hotbeds of gang violence, often involving teen minors.

In the context of her article, she’s probably talking about little kids, not merely those under the age of 18. The number of little kids who are killed each year by someone with a gun is sure to be a good bit smaller than 1,085.

When Cardillo pointed out the error on social media, Sally Kohn corrected her piece. Now it says, “10,000 kids die or get injured every year because of guns.”

I know, I know…10,000, 1,000…what difference at this point does it make? Well, since you’re asking, about 9,000. Liberals have to inflate these numbers to make things seem way worse than they really are.