Clinton Family Loves Planned Parenthood

Recently Chelsea Clinton had the opportunity to give a speech at an important worldwide women’s conference called Women Deliver. During her speech she told the story of her maternal great grandparents and how they became pregnant with her maternal grandmother out of wedlock, at which point she delivered this beauty of a line lamenting the fact that her great grandparents “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.”

The first time I read the line I had to do a triple take – did she just sound sad that her great grandparents didn’t have the chance to abort her maternal grandmother? There are some folks out there who probably wholeheartedly agree (I am not one of them), because if her great grandparents had had Planned Parenthood’s help – Chelsea and her mother Hillary Clinton would likely not be here today!

The very fact that someone could bemoan the lack of opportunity for a group like Planned Parenthood to have been around to help their ancestors speaks to the tremendous naiveté within which Ms. Clinton operates. Planned Parenthood may offer other services, but their chief purpose for existing is to have the opportunity to perform abortions (especially for low income families).ht_chelsea_clinton_hillary_clinton_twitpic_sswm_jt_130615_wblog

What Chelsea Clinton must fail to understand (because there can just be no way that she would make this claim if she truly understood the gravity of her comments), is that in all likelihood, had Planned Parenthood existed 100 years ago when her grandmother was conceived, she would have been killed.

And aren’t the Clinton’s an excellent argument against abortion? Two teenagers make a mistake by having premarital sex, but from their mistake comes the beauty of life. Within one generation of their “mistake” one of their descendants goes to an Ivy League school, marries a man who will be a Governor and a President, herself becomes a Senator, and then Secretary of State, and runs a competitive race to become President! If that’s not an argument against abortion… I’m not sure how to make a more compelling case.

It’s incredibly sad the lengths some people will go to to delude themselves into believing the excrement our media is shoveling. While our President may pray God’s blessings upon them and Chelsea Clinton may think they could have “helped” her great-grandparents, the truth is Planned Parenthood is evil – and the world would be far better off if their organization had never been conceived.