“Climate Scientist” Pharrell Williams Teaches 1200 Kids about “Climate Change”

He’s of course no climate scientist. He’s that guy who wrote that hit song “Happy” that gets really old after the first listen.

But as a global warming believer, he needs no relevant credentials. The fact that he agrees to provide his “cool” image as a face of “climate change” awareness – I’m sure in exchange for a handsome sum of money – is all that’s necessary. He’s a great pawn to be used to tell young people about manmade global warming. If Pharrell Williams believes in it, it must be true. And cool. Remember, Obama got elected because he “danced” on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Breitbart reported:

Pop star artist/producer Pharrell Williams took to the podium of the UN General Assembly Friday to address 1,200 middle-schoolers about the importance of climate change as part of this year’s International Day of Happiness.

Williams, best known for the megahit song, “Happy,” lectured about the need to protect the planet and “take climate action” at the third iteration of the UN Foundation-sponsored event.

“Protecting our planet is fundamental to the pursuit of human happiness,” Williams told his young audience, according to CBS. “We only have one home and there’s climate change… If you don’t [take] care of your home, you don’t have a life, and we have to transition from climate change to climate action.”

After Williams spoke, “Happy” was piped through the speakers of the chamber while many of the singer’s young fans rushed the stage to take pictures, according to the Daily Mail. UN security guards surrounded Williams as an official at the microphone urged everyone to step back.

This isn’t science. It’s a political campaign. And like most political campaigns today, celebrities are used as tools to do the marketing, because that’s what people like. People don’t care about substance anymore, or the science. They like the superficial. The outside appearance. The image.

The fact that these global warming alarmists have stooped this low in propagating their environmental hysteria just shows how far-removed from reality they are. They know their campaign has nothing to do with science and that the only way they’ll win more people to their side is by appealing to pop culture.