How Climate Change Skepticism Became The New Smoking

There is a condition worse than blindness, and that is, seeing something that isn’t there.” – Thomas Hardy

The American liberal can be defined by many traits, but the single, overriding trait that best describes liberalism is “ideological blindness.” Within the panoply of closely held liberal beliefs, very few have any significant supporting evidence on which they are built. The way in which liberals come to believe something is not based in logic, but emotions. The secondary driving force after emotions–and usually only understood by the higher-ups in the political food chain–is greed. Your average liberal believes whatever they are told by the media; and the media, of course, just parrots the ideological arguments of the Democratic Party.

I was watching a clip from the new HBO show Last Week Today, hosted by John Oliver, when I got a bad case of second-hand embarrassment. It’s a news-type program, inspired by The Daily Show. Oliver was discussing how absurd it is to give equal airtime to “climate change deniers,” when the science is settled. He went on at length, essentially mocking those who don’t believe the propaganda that is global warming/climate change/climate disruption. For a second, I actually felt slightly embarrassed. This is what the country thinks of people like myself.

I’ve talked to a lot of people that I believe to be reasonable, and intelligent individuals, yet even these people often adhere to the “science is settled; we caused the earth to warm” slogan that has been pumped out by the liberal machine for years. Climate change deniers (because we’re apparently as bad as Holocaust deniers—hello, word association) are talked about as if we’re buffoons who refuse to believe a universal truth.

Let me ask you a question: why would I refuse to believe something like global warming if it were, in fact, occurring? What would keep me from seeing the truth? If the numbers add up, what have I to gain by denying climate change? NOTHING! Oh, big oil. Yeah, that’s right. I am colluding with Exxon. Forgot to mention that. Just kidding, Bob! I have nothing to gain, so when I take a look at the facts presented, I have no bias. The other line often used by lefties is that the Republicans are in bed with the oil industry, which is why they don’t support green efforts, and deny the existence of anthropogenic global warming. I hate to break it to you, but the entirety of Washington is in bed with the oil industry, Democrats included. Also, tell that line to the Republicans like Mike Lee who want to stop subsidies for the oil industry.

What I’m saying is, you can make all the excuses you want, but the evidence doesn’t support the theory. But the media says that the polar ice is melting away! Actually, the ice is at its highest density in a long time. But the media says that carbon emissions are causing temperatures to rise! Actually, not. According to Forbes: “Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rose 10 percent between 1995 and 2012, yet global temperatures did not rise at all.” But the media says that the Himalayan glaciers are melting away as well! Actually, 87% of the glaciers remain at normal integrity.

I can list media claim after media claim, and with each one, show the contradictory evidence. So, when I look at this stuff, I want to know the truth, for my own personal sanity. From what I can see, the rise and fall in global temperatures is cyclical, and partially dictated by the sun. That’s what the evidence tells me. If that’s the case, why would I lie?

So why? Why the adherence to something that is so obviously untrue? The higher-ups know the truth, and they use global climate whatever to feed their greed. They also use it to get votes. The earth is warming—it’s our fault—we can stop it—but the Republicans are trying to destroy the planet—they’re greedy! Vote for us, and we’ll save the world together! You don’t have a god, so let’s give your life some meaning before you go out to your shed, and hang yourself!

Belief, on the part of the average Joe, is dictated by the media, and therefore, Washington. Evidence which contradicts climate disruption can be shown to believers, but their ideological blindness keeps them from seeing the truth. The media told us it’s real, so it’s real. End of story. This is the thought process behind warming believers: We feel like good people voting for a Party that promises to save the earth, and it gives us meaning to feel like we are preventing the apocalypse.

If anything comes into frame that would disrupt that strongly held conviction, it must be destroyed. That is not an open mind; that is not scientific; it is blindness.

Don’t ever feel stupid or embarrassed by carefully informed beliefs. Just because the media and a seeming majority of Americans have been deceived, it doesn’t mean that you should allow yourself to be deceived as well. Because you are free-minded, it’s even more important that you not fall victim to the cultural landslide of global warming belief. Understanding the truth makes you valuable.