Not Climate Change Anymore: Climate Disruption

The 1974 State of the Climate Report stated that global cooling would be responsible for “floods, famines, extreme weather, and would kill us all.” Nowadays, they’re saying that all those things are still going to happen, albeit with a different cause. Global warming is now the culprit. I mean, “climate change.” Actually, it’s not that anymore either. “Climate disruption” is the name of the scam now, and they’re still projecting doomsday scenarios unless the world comes together as one to eliminate carbon dioxide once and for all. Except for global warming alarmists who need it in order to jet around the globe for the purpose of evangelizing others about the climate change gospel. And so they can take expensive vacations and live in massive mansions and drive in SUVs. But as for everyone else, they need to live “responsibly.” The Associated Press reported:

 Most Americans are already feeling man-made global warming, from heat waves to wild storms to longer allergy seasons. And it is likely to get worse and more expensive, says a new federal report that is heating up political debate along with the temperature.

Shortly after the report came out Tuesday, President Barack Obama used several television weathermen to make his point about the bad weather news and a need for action to curb carbon pollution before it is too late.

“We want to emphasize to the public, this is not some distant problem of the future. This is a problem that is affecting Americans right now,” Obama told “Today” show weathercaster Al Roker. “Whether it means increased flooding, greater vulnerability to drought, more severe wildfires — all these things are having an impact on Americans as we speak.”

Now, usually global warming believers laugh at weathermen, because surveys have shown that most of them don’t accept that humans are causing the Earth to blow up. They’re just local meteorologists. What do they know about global climate change, liberals might ask. But as soon as they can be used to sell people on global warming hysteria, all of a sudden, they’re “credible climate scientists.” Here’s at least one weatherman whom liberals would call a “flat-earther” for daring to question the dogma of the Church of Climatology:

The current bad science is all based on a theory that the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from the exhaust of the burning of fossil fuels leads to a dramatic increase in “the greenhouse effect” causing temperatures to skyrocket uncontrollably. This theory has failed to verify and is obviously dead wrong. But the politically funded and agenda driven scientists who have built their careers on this theory and live well on the 2.6 billion dollars of year of Federal grants for global warming/climate change[/climate disruption] research cling to this theory and bend the data spread to support the glorified claims in their reports and papers.

When the temperature data could no longer be bent to support global warming, they switched to climate change and now blame every weather and climate event on CO2 despite the hard, cold fact that the “radiative forcing” theory they built their claims on has totally failed to verify.

They call people such as me who debunk their non-scientific silliness as “deniers” and claim we are flat-earthers and shills for “big oil.” It is insulting and maddening. But I will not be silenced. And neither will the thousand others, many of them with Ph.D.’s and on the faculties of major universities who are working to stop this bad science that labels CO2 as a pollutant and blames it for every shift in the weather.

That was from John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel. But he’s just some washed up weather guy, so what does he know about the climate? Besides, he has to be ordained by the Church of Climatology in order to be able to speak with authority. And in order to be ordained, he has to give a credible profession of faith and be quizzed by the establishment to make sure he understands the ins and the outs of their belief system. And I doubt that’s going to happen any time soon to Mr. Coleman.