“Click it or Ticket”: Police Break Car Window With an Ax, Pull Their Guns, Taser Passenger Over Driver’s Seatbelt Violation

What started off as a routine traffic stop stemming from an alleged seatbelt violation ended up being a situation with shards of glass over everyone in the car and a passenger getting tasered and arrested for the usual “resisting arrest.”

They say these laws are all about safety. I think that many laws may have started out that way, but these days, enforcement of those laws have financial strings attached. That’s why police are so thuggish in their behavior. The more arrests and citations they get, the more grant money they get from the feds. And not to mention ticket and arrest quotas. You take away those financial incentives, I bet the aggressively brutish behavior would also go away. Here’s Chicago’s Fox affiliate:

Mahone, her boyfriend Jamal Jones, and Mahone’s two children – 14-year-old Joseph and 7-year-old Janiya — were driving in Hammond in late September. They were headed to Stroger Hospital in Chicago, where Mahone said doctors had called and said her mother was near death.

“I said ‘oh my God, he’s pulling me over like I robbed a bank,'” Mahone said.

Hammond police officers, Patrick Vicari and Charles Turner, pulled Mahone over because she wasn’t wearing a seat belt. She said she gave them her license and insurance card, but then things escalated when they asked for her boyfriend’s ID.

With her son recording on his cellphone in the backseat, Mahone dialed 911.

“I gave him my license and insurance. I also let him know at the beginning to please hurry up because my mom is about to die,” Mahone told 911.

Jones said he didn’t have an ID to give to police because he recently got a ticket. When he reached into his book bag in the back seat to get the ticket, police drew their guns.

“I don’t know you and I don’t know what you’re going to do,” an officer told Jones. He responded, “That’s why I have my windows up. I’m not no harm to you right now. I got my kids in the car and you’re drawing your weapon.”

Jones told FOX 32 News, “So once the kids were scared, I wasn’t gonna get out of the car and leave my kids in the car. He was being so aggressive.”

Jones then tried to give the ticket with his ID to police, but they refused to take it. He then asked the officers if they have a supervisor on the scene.

“You all got a white shirt?” Jones said. The officer responded, “Look at my shoulder dumb***. I got bars.”

Police then continued to order Jones out of the car.

“You’re going to come out of the car one way or another. You want your kids to see you come out through the window?” the officer said.

After the police refused to take the guy’s ID, they decided to shatter his car window with an ax, which left shards of glass over the driver and two kids in the back. Then, they immediately tasered him, yanked him out of the vehicle, and placed him under arrest for “resisting arrest” and “refusal to aid an officer.”

It’s all about safety, right?

There was no reason for the police to even question the passenger, let alone ask for his ID. If they want to act like they value human life and all that, they could have just given the lady the ticket for not wearing her seatbelt. The passenger had nothing to do with that.

Obviously, they weren’t thinking about safety. They were thinking about quotas and federal grant money.

FOX 32 News Chicago